canceled flights and airport chaos

canceled flights and airport chaos
canceled flights and airport chaos

Friday 24 September promises to be a day of total chaos for flights to Italy: an air transport strike is in fact expected that will involve most of the unions and bring airports to their knees. The workers in the sector are dissatisfied on several fronts, according to what is published by the Ministry of Transport on its website, those represented by Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uilt-Uil, Ugl-Ta, Usb Lavoro Privato and Cub cross their arms. The strike will last for 24 hours and will take place nationwide.

Strike of epochal scale

“The entire air transport sector will strike all over Italy, it will be an epochal protest since every limit has been exceeded and the air transport workers have reached the peak of endurance. The silence of the Government has been impeccable for months we ask for the establishment of a discussion table without receiving any response “. Thus the general secretary of Uiltrasporti, Claudio Tarlazzi, and the national secretary, Ivan Viglietti.

“Thousands of workers are losing their jobs these days, Alitalia is the biggest crisis in progress, but other companies are also on the brink: Air Italy today delivers the dismissal letters, Norwegian, Ernest airlines. handling, catering and airport managers, it is an entire sector in disarray “, denounce Tarlazzi and Viglietti who continue:” The indifference of the ministries involved is disconcerting. We have been waiting for a long time to be summoned by Minister Orlando, silent, to confront immediately on the issue of social safety nets given that 10 thousand families risk finding themselves in a few days without work, without income and without hope “.

On Friday all air transport will go on strike for 24 hours and this is just the beginning, there will be garrisons at Fiumicino, Venice, Milan Linate, Catania, Turin and others being defined. “The strike is to ask for government intervention on corporate crises, social safety nets and to fight against social and wage dumping carried out by unscrupulous private and public companies that think they can take advantage of the crisis in the sector to unload its effects on workers by imposing them working conditions not negotiated with the union and not worthy of a civilized country. It’s a shame “, they conclude.

The Alitalia case and the 24-hour strike

Claudio Tarlazzi, commenting on the request for postponement of the discussion on the national airline to another session, said again: “In the session of the Assembly of the House with a difference of 19 votes, the vote on the motion presented by the majority that would have committed Palazzo Chigi was postponed. on issues of social protection of the workers of the former Alitalia and ITA. It is a sad page for the democracy of this country where the total subservience of the Parliament to the Government, a Parliament increasingly deprived of its constitutional role, has been revealed “.

“In the motion – he said – the commitments that were requested were aimed at guaranteeing the protection of Alitalia personnel with adequate social safety nets, and at promoting initiatives for the reopening of negotiations between ITA and the trade unions aimed at restoring constructive trade union relations, considering that the president Altavilla has interrupted the negotiations to apply a company regulation that provides for a wage cut of up to 50% rather than applying the ccnl “.

The trade unionist speaks of “a very important motion to promote initiatives so that ITA proceeds as a priority to recruit staff from Alitalia in AS in full compliance with national and European legislation and at the same time to activate a national table on the entire air transport sector in which all the ongoing crises are addressed, which is why the 24-hour general strike is called tomorrow (Friday, ed.) “.

“I wonder how these parties can now talk about the defense of social rights, I believe that today is a black page for parliamentary democracy” he concludes.

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