The new generation of Opel Astra arrives in 2022 also hybrid, and in 2023 electric

The new generation of Opel Astra arrives in 2022 also hybrid, and in 2023 electric
The new generation of Opel Astra arrives in 2022 also hybrid, and in 2023 electric

It has 30 years of history behind it, with 5 different generations that have followed one another and a total of over 15 million cars sold: let’s talk about Opel Astra, which is presented on the market in a completely new guise. It can be ordered in dealerships starting from October while it will be from early 2022 that the first deliveries to customers will be made.

Its heart is the EMP2 platform, common to the other C-segment vehicles of the Stellantis group of which Opel is a part. However, we must not think that this is equivalent to a twin vehicle of others of the brand: the platform and the engines are undoubtedly common due to the internal synergies but this Opel remains in all respects a German car, in essence and also from a practical point of view. being built at Opel’s Russelsheim plant.

The dimensions of the new model are similar to those of the version it replaces: 4,374 mm long and 1,860 mm wide, a wheelbase of 2,675 mm increased by 13 mm compared to the previous version and a boot capacity of 422 liters. The height of the car decreases slightly, 15 mm, while its width is clearly increased with a +51 mm.

The use of the EMP2 platform made it possible to equip Astra with front suspension with McPherson scheme combined with a torsion beam at the rear. THE engines can be thermal, petrol or diesel, as well as Plug-In hybrids: the combination, depending on the version, is with 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission.

The style followed by Opel for this new Astra is that internally referred to as “bold and pure”We also find many similarities in design with other vehicles in the Opel range, starting with the compact SUV Mokka. We therefore find the sight, front cut common to all the new models of the company, which integrates the driving assistance systems by setting itself between the headlights that in the version Intelli-Lux Led they integrate 84 diodes for each headlight ensuring an ideal light beam for depth.

At the rear, the choice of inserting the name of the product to develop in width, removing indications on the specific version of the vehicle, follows what was seen with Mokka. This is also a “family feeling” that we will see progressively proposed in the various cars of the Opel brand.

Upon entering the car dominates the dashboard with two 10-inch displays that report all the information, at the base of which we find the familiar series of buttons to enable various functions. The gear lever and handbrake disappear, replaced by buttons that make the interior design more linear, fitting in perfectly with the dashboard loaded with technology. The seats, also available as an option with Nappa leather or Alcantara, are certified by Agr, a certification body of German doctors that verifies the ergonomics of the seats according to the different physical types of those who get behind the wheel of this car.

Great attention is also paid to driving safety: the Opel Astra is equipped with autonomous driving functionality level 2, thanks to video cameras (front, sides and rear) and the use of various sensors collected in the Intelli-Vision system. To complete the safety-related equipment we find a hand detection system on the steering wheel, the head-up display, the extended road sign recognition system and the rear cross-traffic alert system.

the two plug-in hybrid versions they combine 150hp or 180hp turbo petrol engines with a 110hp electric motor, for a combined power that reaches 180hp in the first version and 224hp in the second. The battery has a capacity of 12.4kWh, for a declared autonomy in the WLTP cycle of 60km; acceleration from 0 to 100 varies from 7.9 seconds to 7.7 seconds depending on the version.

A fully electric version is missing but it’s only a matter of time: Astra will in fact have an engine of this type starting in 2023 but we don’t know the details. It is assumed that a different platform will be used, specially developed by the group for the full electric vehicles of the C segment, which are expected in just 2 years.

Over the next few weeks, Opel will release the official Astra price lists with versions and prices for the Italian market; for now a price of € 24,500 as an entry threshold for the purchase of this car. Looking to the future of the German brand, by 2024 Opel aims to have the range fully electrified, therefore with an electric version for each model, to arrive in Europe in 2028 Opel will offer only zero-emission vehicles.

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