here is the new logo of the Swedish brand

here is the new logo of the Swedish brand
here is the new logo of the Swedish brand

Volvo is experiencing a moment of great renewal and the last step in this process (at least until now) is the arrival of a new logo, more streamlined and in step with the times than the previous one – which was three-dimensional and conceptually linked to another era.

The adoption of a new stylized logo is only the last chapter of one for Volvo Cars internal revolution that started some time ago, with the introduction in the line-up of electric cars that have already won the hearts of many users. Volvo electric sales are booming, plus the revamp has also touched key points such as speed and quality of materials.

In fact, the brand has long ago announced that it wants to limit the maximum speed of its cars to 180 km / h to increase safety and reduce emissions / energy consumption, but not only. In the last few hours, the announcement of a new collaboration with The Future Laboratory to analyze the future of sustainable luxury materials, which follows the choice of abandon the skin for the interiors of electric cars so as to better protect the animals. By 2030, therefore, Volvo Cars will have a range of BEVs only leather-free.

We must recognize that the new electric world is pushing many brands to renew logos and brand identity, before Volvo it happened to Volkswagen (admire the new Volkswagen logo), to Dacia (Dacia has completely renewed the logo), BMW, Nissan, Renault which modernized its three-dimensional logo and many others, including Kia.


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