New Peugeot 308: test, video, technical data and price

New Peugeot 308: test, video, technical data and price
New Peugeot 308: test, video, technical data and price

The new generation of the French C-segment sedan reaches higher levels in terms of contents and engines. Pleasant driving dynamics and rather successful technological integration. Prices from 23,750 euros

“The fewer ideas you have, the less you are willing to change them”. It seems that this sentence was pronounced by Michelangelo Buonarroti: the undisputed genius of form and artistic culture, who was able to give life to masterpieces from defenseless materials. The power of ideas, in fact. The same that, in a somewhat daring and provocative way, can also be approached to Peugeot, the French brand that in the recent past has started an important growth path to become the protagonist of its segment. After 508 and 208, it is up to the 308 compact sedan to interpret this change, offering itself with a completely renewed appearance and with a latest generation technological integration. The engine range also includes all available solutions: petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid. With the introduction of this model, 70% of the Peugeot vehicle offer is electrified; a percentage that by 2024 will reach all cars. The new generation of the 308 represents an opportunity for the brand of the lion to enter with a product up to the competition in a competitive and important segment for the home which, since it was presented, has sold over 1 million and 300 thousand units to European customers. List prices for Italy start at € 23,750.

Peugeot 308: how it is made

Appearance is one of the most noticeable upgrades over previous generations – it represents a moment of rupture in history 308, taking up the elements already seen on 508 and 208, adapting them to the new context. The glance is captivating, with taut and muscular lines that also identify the details of the bodywork, on which the renewed logo of the French house debuts. In the front and rear there are new light clusters, the signature of the new Peugeot generation. The new 308 has a lot of personality, celebrated by a very bold style without being cloying: a good compromise between sophisticated and familiar shapes. 11 cm longer than the previous one and with a 5 cm greater wheelbase, it offers better habitability and a rational organization of the internal space but without sacrificing the scenographic component.


Modern and well finished, the interior environment is a synthesis of technology and luxury (but this only applies if you buy one of the most equipped versions): the seats are covered with leather and alcantara, the upholstery is all of good quality and it is possible equip the car with a 690 Watt Focal stereo system. The instrumentation is very attractive: on a 10 ”screen, it effectively returns the images to the driver, also thanks to the holographic 3D display. The latter does not tire the eyes and indeed allows you to have an eye on the driving information in a clear and well-detailed way. The i-cockpit configuration, however, with the successful organization of the images and the maneuverability and lightness of the small steering wheel, also combines an almost total revision of the driving position, necessary to be able to actually see the instrument panel. And it’s not always a matter of habit. The dashboard has also been completely renewed: the on-board entertainment system on 10 “screen it was developed to have operating logics comparable to a smartphone. Intuitive, visually satisfying, rich in content and connected to the network, it is an effective tool at the service of drivers and passengers. In addition, it has been integrated a second screen from where it is possible to configure shortcuts, in order to reach the desired program without getting distracted from the driving phases. Obviously, full compatibility with Apple Car Play and Android Auto is not missing.

Peugeot 308: come on

Among the offer of engines, the PureTech 130 Eat8, represents a good product for the Italian market. The 130 HP turbo petrol engine it has an excellent running fluidity: it accompanies the car without too much effort in any condition and road situation. In the city and on the urban stretches it has a convincing and satisfying recovery; on the extra-urban and motorway routes, the excellent progression of travel is appreciated. The soundproofing is also high, you really travel in an environment well sheltered from external acoustic interference. The steering (also supported by the small size of the steering wheel) is communicative and precise, following a solid chassis; the car is overall little understeer and precise when cornering. The driving dynamics, without being sporty, are convincing and always pleasant. The eight-speed automatic gearbox is well calibrated: it has a good operating logic and hardly ever “jerks” when engaging or downshifting. Braking is also good, which has proven to be safe and reliable even in emergency situations. Overall, the work carried out on the structure and dynamics of the vehicle is of a high standard, confirming the ambitions of the 308 to offer itself as a protagonist of its segment also from this point of view. With regard to the consumption, the on-board computer, at the end of the journey, recorded an average distance of about 15/16 km / l, a value that is all in all positive considering the type of power supply and the horses available.

In summary

The new Peugeot 308 represents an important generational leap for the French manufacturer. One of the most successful models in the vehicle range, it returns to be the star of the segment, thanks to a breakthrough style and next-generation technological integration. The dynamic component has not been neglected with an engaging and always pleasant guide. Too bad, however, that the i-cockpit continues to be between lights and shadows: it improves handling but at the same time requires some sacrifices in terms of position. On the other hand, the new on-board entertainment system is convincing.

Peugeot 308: strengths and weaknesses

Like it: style full of personality and in clear break with the model’s past; successful technological integration; satisfying driving dynamics.
Do not like
: the icockpit requires a complete reassessment of the driving position; the instrument panel (although spectacular) is often compromised in visualization by the steering wheel rim.

Peugeot 308 PureTech 130 Eat8: technical sheet

Motorization: displacement: 1,199 cc; n. cylinders: 3 in line; power: 130 Hp; torque: 230 Nm.
Change: eight-speed automatic: drive: front.
Dimensions: length 4.370 mm; width 1,850 mm; height 1,460 mm; wheelbase: 2,680 mm; weight 1.363 kg; luggage capacity 412 liters.
Consumption: 6.4 l/100 km (Wltp)
Emissions: 122,3 g/km CO2
Price: € 28,750 (PureTech 130 Eat8); price list starting from 23,750 euros (PureTech 110 manual)

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Peugeot test video technical data price

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