SKY WiFi in over 2600 municipalities, with Open Fiber the focus is on white areas

After the launch of the service in mid-June 2020 thanks to a partnership with Open Fiber and the expansion in January of this year by means of an agreement with Fastweb, SKY WiFi relaunches: always with Open Fiber the ultra-fast connection of SKY also reaches small municipalities and rural areas.

“Thanks to this extension of coverage, SKY Italia’s ultrabroadband service reaches in fact over 2600 municipalities and almost two thirds of families in Italy and, after having more than tripled its coverage during the first months of 2021, it strengthens its presence in some of the main Italian regions including Piedmont, Veneto, Sicily and Lombardy. By the end of the year, it will reach 70% of Italian homes“, emphasizes the company.

Pay TV therefore points to white areas, i.e. the small municipalities and rural areas in which Open Fiber has been awarded the Infratel public tenders to build and manage a 1 Gbit / s network infrastructure.

“The quality of the connection guaranteed by the core fiber network infrastructure built from scratch by SKY, able to make the most of the access network provided by Open Fiber, and by the Sky WiFi Hub, which distributes the signal in homes in a stable manner and homogeneous thanks to the innovative technology developed by Comcast. SKY WiFi has also been recognized by the German Institute of Quality and Finance as the internet service at home with the best value for money of 2021 “, reads a press release.

Service brings together TV, internet and voice in a single commercial proposal thanks to high-speed optical fiber, but there are three offers available for both SKY and “non-SKY” users. Below you can see the offer for non-SKY customers, currently in promotion starting from 24.90 euros for 18 months for those not interested in TV entertainment.

Different offers, of course, for those who are already SKY customers and therefore do not need to access the entertainment offer:

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