Bills, discounts for families and businesses. Bonus for the most fragile and 5% VAT on gas-

Bills, discounts for families and businesses. Bonus for the most fragile and 5% VAT on gas-
Bills, discounts for families and businesses. Bonus for the most fragile and 5% VAT on gas-

A 3 billion euro intervention to support families and businesses that will have to face the sting of electricity and gas bills from 1 October. Via the system charges in the electricity bill for everyone until the end of the year. 5% VAT rate on methane gas consumption and social bonus for around 3 million people. He announced it on Thursday morning Prime Minister Mario Draghi during his speech at the assembly of Confindustria in Rome, and in the afternoon the Council of Ministers approved the decree law to contain the effects of price increases in the electricity and gas sector for the fourth quarter of 2021.

From 1st October to 31st December 2021 therefore 26 million domestic users up to 16.5 kw and 6 million small and medium-sized enterprises with low voltage users will benefit from the total cut of the general system charges in the electricity bill. To these are added over 3 million people who already benefit from the energy bonus, intended for families with a Isee below 8,265 euros per year, for i numerous families (Isee within 20,000 euros and at least 4 children, for the recipients of income (or pension) of citizenship, for those who are in serious health conditions: For these – explains Palazzo Chigi – the effects of the future increase in € 2.5 billion committed for an intervention, underlined Draghi, with a strong social value, to help the poorest and most fragile in particular.

The social bonus for economically disadvantaged domestic customers and for domestic customers in serious health conditions, it also applies to gas and involves approximately 2.5 million people who will benefit from the elimination of the increases by virtue of a fund of 450 million euros. For all other users – civil and industrial -, thanks to an additional 480 million euros, the bill will instead suffer a VAT cut that from 10 or 22% will be reduced to 5% on all consumption in October, November and December.

With this decree, the government comes to meet to the needs of many Italians and companies in difficulty, says Maria Stella Gelmini, Minister for Regional Affairs and representative of Forza Italia. The other government allies are also satisfied, from the League to the M5S to the Democratic Party. But for Confcommercio and consumer associations, on the other hand, more can be done: Intervention is not sufficient to solve in a lasting and structured way the nodes of our energy system, for the former, disappointing measures (Assoutenti) and not sufficient (Consumers Union) for the latter . But the premier had already specified: These measures must also be followed by action at the European level to diversify energy supplies and strengthen the bargaining power of the country’s buyers.


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