“Millions of jobs with electric cars at risk”

“Millions of jobs with electric cars at risk”
“Millions of jobs with electric cars at risk”

A QUESTION THAT IS AT HEART – Akio Toyoda (in the picture) returns to the question of transition to the electric car after a position taken in December 2020 (who the news) in which, as president of JAMA, the association of Japanese manufacturers, he said he was skeptical about the too short time that the authorities are assuming for the elimination of heat engines. In recent days, the president of Toyota returned to this issue by talking about the more industrial aspect of the issue. According to reports Autonews, Toyoda notes that the path set by the Japanese government, which wants to substantially reduce national greenhouse gas emissions already by 2030 to then arrive at neutrality in 2050, it should be better harmonized with the productive reality, the real lifeblood of Japan.

EXPORTS, GOODBYE? – Toyoda recalled during a meeting of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association that “Japan is a country dependent on exports. Carbon neutrality therefore poses a serious employment issue. Some politicians say we need to turn all cars into electric vehicles or even that the manufacturing industry is obsolete. I don’t think this is right or true. To protect the jobs and lives of the Japanese, I think instead that we need to put our future on the same line as the efforts made so far. “Toyoda recalled that Japan produces about 10 million vehicles per year, of which about 50 % is exported. Forecasts by 2030 indicate that the country will produce 8 million vehicles a year with combustion engines, including hybrids and plug-ins: if they were canceled by law this would paralyze the labor market.

WE REDUCE CO2 – Toyoda therefore concludes that “this means that the production of over 8 million units would be lost and therefore our automotive industry would put a large part of the current 5.5 million jobs at risk. If they say that combustion engines are the enemy, most vehicles would simply not be produced. ” Toyoda then notes that “the Japanese government has set several target but they seem pmore in line with trends normative European than with the Japanese situation. Each country should have an approach to carbon neutrality based on its own situations. ”According to Toyota’s calculations, its 18.1 million hybrid vehicles sold over the years have had the same impact on reducing carbon dioxide by 5 million. 5 million battery-powered cars, an amount that no car manufacturer has so far reached.

STILL BACK ON ELECTRICS – We also note that in Japan the electric cars I’m still a lot not very widespread: in the first half of the year, 777,000 electrified vehicles were delivered (about 40% of the total registered) but electric vehicles did not reach 8,500 and of these about 3,200 were imported. So 97 percent of all electrified vehicles were hybrids, i.e. with an internal combustion engine. In the same period, Toyota sold just over 500 electric cars in Japan: 497 Lexus UX 300e crossovers and 74 Toyota C + pod minicars, vehicles at the antipodes in terms of type.


Millions jobs electric cars risk

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