Skoda’s future lies in fully electric vehicles, not plug-ins

Skoda’s future lies in fully electric vehicles, not plug-ins
Skoda’s future lies in fully electric vehicles, not plug-ins

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Skoda, highlighted in a recent interview with autogazzette how the company intends moving more and more in the direction of offering fully electric vehicles decreasing its commitment to those of the Plug-In type.

Of course, the Plug-In proposal is important for fleets, which is why we are making such an offer for Octavia and Superb as well, but other vehicles will not follow this example. It doesn’t make sense to us. Our future is the pure electric car.

The success recorded by its own Enyaq (here our contact on the road), an SUV based on the MEB platforms common to the other electric vehicles of the Volkswagen group of which Skoda is a part, leads the company’s CEO to imagine a future increasingly shifted towards purely electric power. Obviously the transition process will take many years but from what transpires it is evident the intention not to make it characterized by a phase with priority given to Plug-In cars.

In the short future of Skoda we will find one coupe version of its own Enyaq electric SUV scheduled for 2022, in addition to one small electric car whose commercial debut is scheduled for 2025 with prices between € 20,000 and € 25,000.

In the short term the company aims at sell over 1 million vehicles in 2021, equalizing the result obtained in 2020; the current difficulty is linked to the production difficulties given it semiconductor shortage which is characterizing the entire sector. In any case, demand remains very strong with Enyaq which currently has over 70,000 orders pending against a commercialization that began last May.

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