comes an offer for Smart TV with Sky Q?

comes an offer for Smart TV with Sky Q?
comes an offer for Smart TV with Sky Q?

A new offering from Sky would be on the way, with the Smart TV range that could include Sky Q in the price

Sky has a new super offer in mind for its customers (Photo: Getty)

After the shock received in recent months due to the rights of the A league, Now Sky wants to raise the bar with super convenient offers for everyone. According to what the Financial Times reported, in fact, the colossus of Murdoch he would be studying a new offer dedicated to his range of Smart TVs.

The official launch will most likely take place already at October 2021 and, although the details are currently very few, the hypotheses circulating on the net are many. Probably, however, as has already happened in the past, the company will focus on Mid-priced LCD to push subscriptions to your service.

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Sky, with the Smart TVs also comes Sky Q: it will be integrated

The decoder could be integrated into the range of Smart TVs arriving in October 2021

But the big news unveiled in preview by the Financial Times is not so much the new one range of Smart TVs that Sky is preparing to launch, as much as in the fact that Sky Q could be integrated into the price. In fact, over the months, the Murdoch giant’s hub has increasingly become a streaming container for OTT services such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ e Netflix.

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Surely the novelty will be the prerogative of British customers. It remains to be seen whether the offer will immediately be extended to Italian market or we will have to wait a little longer. Also recently, in fact, the same company announced a series of very interesting news for Sky Q e Go, which, however, have not yet arrived in our country.


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