Stellantis: first van produced in Gliwice

Stellantis: first van produced in Gliwice
Stellantis: first van produced in Gliwice

The factory Stellantis of Gliwice, which is preparing to produce delivery vans, has started the test phase of the production process and has produced the first specimen as a test. The launch of van production in Gliwice was announced following the takeover of the Opel company, which owned the Gliwice plant, by the PSA group. When a year later PSA merged with Fiat Chrysler Automotives and the creation of the Group Stellantis, the project, whose value has been estimated at around 280-300 million euros, has been maintained.

As announced in July of this year by the representatives of the factory, the first test copies of the Gliwice vans will appear this fall, so that after a few months of start-up – at the beginning of April 2022 – the plant can begin mass production. “The investment in the new PSA Manufacturing Poland plant is proceeding as planned” – confirmed Agnieszka Brania of the Gliwice plant on Monday.

The production of the first training car and the start of the test phase of the production process means entering the last phase of preparations for the implementation of the series production of vans. So far, Opel cars have been built in Gliwice, of which approx 2.5 million during the factory’s 20 years of operation. The plan provides that in early December this year. Opel Manufacturing Poland will finish production of the fifth generation Astra, which has been produced here for six years.

“The factory Stellantis from Gliwice is currently in the process of decommissioning the production of passenger cars. At the same time, preparations are underway to start the production of large vans in the second plant (PSA MP) ”- recalled the representative of the factory.

Until the start of production of delivery vans, the Gliwice plant will have a surplus of jobs. To develop it, around 370 Gliwice employees will start working temporarily at the plant in January next year Stellantis of Hordain, France. This factory is also a manufacturer of large vans, which will give Polish employees the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge immediately before starting production in Gliwice.

“Circa 370 employees they will be seconded, on favorable financial terms, for the period from January 2022 to six months. The size of the group will decrease and by the end of June it will reach about 200 people ”- the group announced on Monday. The posting of workers to France will take place under the employment and posting protection program. The program also supports other production plants of the Stellantis group in Europe, which are currently fully operational.

In April next year, the Stellantis factory in Gliwice will start mass production of delivery trucks, for the time being for one shift. The second round is expected to be launched in August and the third at the turn of October and November. Hence, employment at the Gliwice plant will increase by around 500 people. Currently, the factory employs around 2,000 employees. people, some of whom are temporarily transferred to the company’s foreign establishments.

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