Stock Market Recommendations: Today’s Buy from Autogrill to UniCredit

Stock Market Recommendations: Today’s Buy from Autogrill to UniCredit
Stock Market Recommendations: Today’s Buy from Autogrill to UniCredit

Equita judges buy:

That with target price from 22,70 euro (acquired 65% of Deco, a company active in the waste sector in Abruzzo), Autogrill with target from 7,40 euro (the US will change the legislation on commercial flights from November allowing the entry of foreigners from certain geographical areas, including Europe, as long as they are vaccinated), Banco Bpm with target price from 3,10 euro (“At this moment there do not seem to be the conditions to start a consolidation process”, said the CEO Castagna), Northern Milan Railways with fair value from 0,90 euro, however, reduced by 2% after the presentation of the new strategic plan), Illimity Bank with target from 13,50 euro (Hype, a 50/50 joint venture with Fabrick, group Saddle, has reached the goal of 1.5 million customers), Intesa Sanpaolo with target from 2,80 euro (Fideuram acquires Bank Company Private Quilvest, Luxembourg private bank), Italian Wine Brands with target from 53 euro, increased by 18% after the half year e Newlat Food with fair value from 10,90 euro (M&A remors in the pasta sector seem to reduce the likelihood of a deal with Divella).

Bestinver valuta buy:

Piaggio with target from 3,60-3,80 euro (patent infringement lawsuits against motorcycles won Peugeot), Saras with target from 1,20-1,30 euro following the performance of the refining margin benchmark e Telecom Italia with fair value from 0,75-0,85 euro (Anatel, the Brazilian equivalent of Italian Agcom, gave a favorable opinion on the acquisition of the mobile phone assets of Hi from Tim, Of course e Vivo).

Banca Akros judges buy:

Piaggio with target from 3,80 euro.

Intesa SanPaolo evaluates buy:

Hera with target from 4,70 euro (won the auction Udine 2), Piaggio with target from 4 euro, Telecom Italia with a fair value of € 0.47 e UniCredit with target from 12 euro (a new bank platform, which offers services and products to customers, including insurance partners and managed savings, on all channels, from digital to physical: this would be one of the architraves of the new industrial plan on which the company is working. ‘institute, as reported by the Sole 24 Ore).

Judgment add also for Unlimited with fair value from 13,70 euro, Safilo with target from 1,73 euro (partnership con Coventya to reduce the use of palladium) e SanLorenzo with target from 34 euro following the presentation made at Boat Show of Genoa.

Mediobanca assigns an outperform to:

That with target from 23,50 euro, Atlantia with target from 21,20 euro (improved to BB the rating of Msci Esg), Banco Bpm with fair value from 3,60 euro, Cellnex Telecom with target from 73 euro (buyback extended to 18 October) DiaSorin with target from 183 euro (launch in countries that accept CE marking of a new test that allows the qualitative identification and in vitro differentiation of the RNA segments of Sars-CoV-2 and influenza A and B viruses), Enel with target from 9,10 euro (according to the CEO, renewables and batteries will be protagonists in the next decade) e Prysmian with fair value from 33 euro (Vineyard Wind proposes 2GW offshore wind projects).

KT&Partners valuta buy:

Maps with target from 5,05 euro in the wake of the half-year report and business prospects.

Judgment add also for Beghelli with target from 0,64 euro after the six-month period and in the wake of the growth in demand for air sanitizers.

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