Shopping in Verona? Here are the supermarkets where you save the most

Shopping in Verona? Here are the supermarkets where you save the most
Shopping in Verona? Here are the supermarkets where you save the most

The ranking of supermarkets according to Altroconsumo.

The autumn sting is arriving, even in Verona, in gas and electricity bills and supermarkets: but where can you save? Sure, you can save on energy consumption. But of course you can also do it in the shopping cart. Istat has established, accounts in hand, that every Italian family spends an average of € 6,853 per year on shopping. But there is a way to save.

The autumn sting.

Altroconsumo tried to explain how. He did this by conducting a survey with the aim of indicating how to spend less in the shopping cart: you can save up to 1,700 euros per year. Other consumption investigated 70 cities, 1,148 points of sale, including supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores, lining up over 1.6 million prices for 125 categories of products including food, personal care, home and pet food.

Considering the average household expenditure at the supermarket (which as mentioned is 6,853 euros in 2020 according to Istat data), the maximum savings, by choosing the most convenient points of sale, it can reach up to 20%. In the province of Rovigo you can save up to 1,700 euros per year, 1,523 euros in Reggio Emilia and Modena, 1,400 euros in Brescia and Ravenna. And Verona? In Verona, following the advice and filling the cart in the right points of sale, you can save up to 1,258 euros.

These are screeching figures, writes Altroconsumo, with about 100 euros of savings possible (only 2%) in the cities where there is no competition between the supermarkets visited, all in the Center-South: Potenza, Pesaro, Pistoia, Sassari, Reggio Calabria, Foggia. In these centers, even when you change supermarket, prices always remain at the same level and in any case quite expensive.

Which supermarket or discount shop to choose?

Of course, the important thing is to choose the most convenient supermarket or point of sale. But which? The so-called “mixed spending”, the most common, the one that puts cheap and branded products in the cart, should be done at Eurospin for discount stores, and at Famila (followed by Conad) for supermarkets. In purely economic spending, without branded products, discounters have no rivals, and occupy the first 8 positions in the ranking: the cheapest in this case is Aldi, followed by Eurospin and Prix. The exclusively “branded” shopping, on the other hand, according to the Altroconsumo survey, it would be better to do it in Carrefour and Spazio Conad, as well as in the Famila superstores.

As for the points of sale, the cheapest in Italy are the Rossetto di Rovigo and Brescia supermarkets and the Hemisphere of Vicenza. As for the more expensive stores, to win the primacy there are two Sigma, from Bologna and Ravenna, three Elite and Doc from Rome and a Unes from Pavia, which recorded a price increase of 33%, compared to the cheapest in Italy.

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