two speeds for Ftse Mib and Spread

two speeds for Ftse Mib and Spread
two speeds for Ftse Mib and Spread

Sitting in positive, after the yesterday’s selloff, for the stock market today: recoveries of energy and asset management securities stand out on the Ftse Mib.

Looking forward to news coming from China, where the real estate group Evergrande seems close to default, the meeting of the Federal Reserve has begun today.

We believe, commented Filippo Diodovich, Senior Strategist of IG Italia, “that the majority of dovish members can therefore choose to postpone the announcement and leave only clues about an upcoming tapering by the end of 2021 trying to take more time to assess the health of the world of work, inflationary pressures, economic recovery, developments in the pandemic and even the possible risks to financial stability due to the collapse of the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande. “

The euro-dollar in correspondence with the stop on trading is 1.17188 (-0.06%) while the future for December delivery on Brent crude oil falls by 0.2% to 72.9 dollars a barrel.

Borsa Today, update at 17:40: + 1% for the Ftse Mib

In Milan, the basket of blue chips, the Ftse Mib gained 1.22%, stopping at 25,353.36 points.

On the sovereign bond front, the BTP-Bund spread showed a red of almost two percentage points at 101 basis points.

13.00 update: Ftse Mib consolidates earnings

Mid-session the Cac40 marks a + 1.41%. the Dax + 1.44% and the Ftse Mib + 1.2%.

The energetics (+ 4.14% of Saipem, + 2.27% for Eni and + 1.76% of Tenaris) and asset management securities (+ 2.36% of Poste Italiane) lead the recovery of Piazza Affari , + 1.85% of Banca Mediolanum and + 1.65% of FinecoBank).

An increase of 1.1% for UniCredit which, according to what reported by Il Sol24Ore, would be working on a new business plan to be presented in November.

Future Wall Street: indices called to redeem themselves

After yesterday’s strong sell-off, the Dow Jones derivative is up 0.72%, the S & P500 is up 0.86% and the Nasdaq future is up 0.76%.

Update 9:25 am: Ftse Mib, technical rebound tests

Shortly after the start of trading, the Ftse100 registers a + 0.72%, the Cac40 marks a + 1.05%. the Dax + 0.56% and our Ftse Mib rises by 0.91% to 25,275.36 points.

In the first trades, UniCredit gains 1.43%, BPER Banca gains 1.59% and Intesa Sanpaolo 0.65%. Enel (+ 0.82%) and Hera (+ 0.33%) also did well.

In the government bond sector, the BTP-Bund spread fell by more than two percentage points to 101 basis points.

Stock exchanges Asia: -2% for the Nikkei

The Hong Kong index, the Hang Seng and the Australian S & P / ASX 200 all finished up 0.35%.

After yesterday’s close, the Tokyo stock exchange reopened its doors with the Japanese Nikkei index down 2.17%.

Tensions coming from Asia push Wall Street down

The last session of the week of the Dow Jones closed with -1.78% as the S & P500 fell by 1.7% and the Nasdaq finished trading with -2.19%.

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