The recommendations of 21 September 2021

The recommendations of 21 September 2021
The recommendations of 21 September 2021

Banca Akros reviews DiaSorin’s target price

from Soldionline editorial staff
21 set 2021 ore 11:30

This writing on investment bank recommendations is based on sources believed to be reliable but for which we cannot guarantee its absolute accuracy or truthfulness. The writing, which can be changed without notice, is drawn up for information purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation to public savings. Anyone who uses it differently takes full responsibility for it.

DIASORIN Akros Bank Accumulate ▲ 213.0000
GIGLIO GROUP Complete Sim Buy ▼ 3.0000
PROMOTICA Complete Sim Buy ▲ 4.4000


  • ▲ change in improvement
  • ▼ worsening change
  • start of coverage
  • n.d.: unavailable
  • Add: to add
  • Target price: target price
  • Accumulate: accumulate
  • Selected list: list of recommended titles
  • Market perform: will do as the market does
  • Top pick: first choice action
  • In-line: on line
  • Strong buy: definitely buy
  • Hold: to hold
  • Speculative buy: buy from a speculative point of view
  • Neutral: will do as the market does
  • Buy: to buy
  • Underperform: it will make it worse than the market
  • Outperform: will do better than the market
  • Overvalued: overrated
  • Overweight: overweight
  • Reduce: reduce
  • Equalweight: weigh properly
  • Sell: sell
  • Underweight: underweight
  • Take profit: take profit
  • Undervalued: underrated
  • Under Review: under observation

This writing is prepared for informational purposes only, can be changed at any time and CANNOT be considered a solicitation to public savings. The website does not guarantee the correctness and assumes no responsibility for the use of the information contained therein.


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