The subscription SUV like Netflix: the Chinese Lynk & Co also lands in Italy

The subscription SUV like Netflix: the Chinese Lynk & Co also lands in Italy
The subscription SUV like Netflix: the Chinese Lynk & Co also lands in Italy

Innovative and technological but also traditional. 01 is the first model of the Chinese brand Lynk & Co, born in 2016 from the Geely group, to which Volvo has also belonged since 2010. A brand, Lynk & Co, which from the very beginning has made itself known more for the business disruptive than for the products offered. We are talking about the messages communicated through social networks, where at the center there has always been the community and the business model that revolutionizes the concept of using the car, from possession to access by providing a car sharing platform. with a monthly subscription to access Netflix, Amazon Prime or Spotify-style mobility that can be canceled at any time and available with a monthly fee of 500 euros (but you can buy it for 41 thousand euros). But now it’s also time, finally, to try the “auto product”: the compact SUV 01 in the plug-in hybrid version, that is, rechargeable on plug.

Thanks to belonging to the Geely group, the new brand has been able to draw on the research and development carried out over the years by Volvo.


The base is in fact the CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) platform, the same used on the XC40. The dimensions are contained, 4.54 m long, 1.86 m wide and with a wheelbase of 2.73 m.

Model 01 is produced in China (the powertrain in Sweden) and available with a single top-of-the-range set-up with 20-inch wheels (for the Phev version) and two body colors. A pity, for such an innovative car to have little possibility of customization but in any case the set-up is complete and in this way there is no risk of running into the German price lists with a lot of necessary options offered at a high price. In fact, the car was built on the assumption that all options must be standard. We find: panoramic sunroof, large touchscreen, wireless charging for mobile phones, online navigation, WiFi hotspot, intelligent parking assistance system, personal settings on the cloud and much more. Also from the point of view of driving safety, 01 is equipped with the latest assistance systems, to name a few: adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assist, lane maintenance or blind spot signaling.

Once on board, you immediately notice the quality of the materials and finishes, from premium cars. Two screens dominate: the 12.3-inch digital dashboard and the 12.7-inch touchscreen in the center of the dashboard with simple screens for quick and intuitive management of all on-board functions.


subscription SUV Netflix Chinese Lynk lands Italy

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