Digital Terrestrial Bonus: how they are obtained

Digital Terrestrial Bonus: how they are obtained
Digital Terrestrial Bonus: how they are obtained

Change of Digital Terrestrial, our TV does not support future technologies: here are what bonuses we have access to.

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The TV Scrap Bonus and the TV-decoder bonus are still accessible. And it is convenient for families who do not have a TV suitable for the transition to new Digital Terrestrial, take advantage of it. The transition seems a distant thing, but it is no longer so and will be completed for the whole country, in 2022.

However, many are not very experienced on how these bonuses work and therefore have not even tried to request one, when perhaps they have every right to do so. Let’s get down to the merits of each one and see how to get them.

New Digital Terrestrial: who is entitled to the benefits

There are many possibilities related to television that not everyone knows, such as how to obtain the exemption from the RAI license fee. And so here’s what happens. The digital, called Dvbt-2, should enter all our homes, starting from January 1, 2023. From August 23, however, it is possible to request the Tv scrapping bonus. It can be requested by any citizen, having no ISEE obligations. This is a 20% discount on the purchase price of the new device, up to a maximum amount of 100 euros, but only if the old TV is scrapped.

Then there is the Bonus TV-Decoder, which in fact serves to facilitate the purchase of a television or a decoder that can support new technologies. The discount, however, in this case, is only for families with an ISEE of less than 20 thousand euros. This is a benefit that can be combined with the Scrapping Bonus.

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A brief summary, also on how to understand whether or not we need to change the TV. In fact, we could have a television at home, even bought two years ago, which would already give us the opportunity to see all the channels even with the new technology. The televisions compatible with Hevc main 10, have already been on sale since at least 2018. To be sure, here’s what to do: tune in to the channels 100 e 200, and see if the writing appears Test Hevc main 10. If the writing appears regularly, our TV or decoder connected, is already up to the future changes and therefore, we do not need to buy new ones.

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