«In Italy 10 million unvaccinated. So I try to convince them »- Corriere.it

«In Italy 10 million unvaccinated. So I try to convince them »- Corriere.it
«In Italy 10 million unvaccinated. So I try to convince them »- Corriere.it
from Margherita De Bac

The director of infectious diseases of the Milan Polyclinic: “There are many fake news circulating about the vaccine with which even the hesitant find an answer to their fears”

«I state. Ten million Italians have not received even a dose. I am convinced that most of them could be convinced, indeed they really want to be », he reasons Andrea Gori, director of infectious diseases of the Polyclinic of Milan. We try to dismantle the “excuses” pitched by no vax and hesitant one at a time.

Is it an experimental vaccine?
«The recruitment of one of the vaccines also used in Italy, Pfizer-BioNTech, involved 44 thousand volunteers in one of the studies with the largest case history in the history of pharmaciesthe. Enlistment took place in 15 days when usually a year is not enough to find 2 thousand people. This is to say what extraordinary efforts have been made to give robustness to the data which then served to present the approval files to the regulatory agencies ».

Has the trial time been shortened to favor the pharmaceutical industries?

«No, the experimentation was accelerated because there was an urgent need to find a compound capable of slowing the pace of the pandemic. But everything took place under the strict control of drug regulatory agencies, also through the verification of groups of independent experts. The analysis of the data followed the rigor normally envisaged ».

The American FDA agency approved Pfizer-BioNTech definitively only last August after a first green light in March in an emergency. Why does the European EMA not issue the final certification?

«FDA has used the emergency authorization that in the American system implies problems of responsibility between the State and insurance companies in terms of possible damages and reimbursements, recognized only in the presence of definitive green light. Emergency authorization does not exist in Europe. On the other hand, the instrument of conditional approval is envisaged, which imposes further commitments on the producer but has nothing to do with the completeness of the experiment ».

Can’t vaccines be safe?

“Today at least 5 billion people have been immunized around the world. If there had been important side effects, they would have immediately emerged thanks to the control of the pharmacovigilance bodies that collect all reports of anomalous events ».

Will there be any long-term side effects?

«The history of vaccinology teaches that all vaccines, due to their mechanisms of action, can give side effects only in the short term (99% of cases), never in the long term».

Does the coronavirus RNA, used for the vaccine, integrate with the human genome (DNA) and cause alterations?

“RNA and DNA have no biological compatibility, so they can’t integrate. The messenger RNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are indeed very safe, as well as extraordinarily effective, because the genetic microfilament transported in the human body by an envelope of microparticles is destroyed in 48 hours after having accomplished the mission: to deliver outside the cell the information to produce antibodies against the Spike protein which Sars-CoV-2 uses to attach itself to the cells ».

Informed consent signed before vaccination discharges liability for any damage?

“The informed consent form for these and other vaccinations, as for any other act concerning medical-surgical practices, has the purpose of informing the patient about the consequences that he could suffer after undergoing that practice. The form indicates the relationship between risks and benefits and serves to convey the information in a correct and understandable way so that it can be signed. When the biological damage caused by the vaccine is proven, the state is always responsible. And he is obliged to pay compensation ».

Does vaccination favor the emergence of new variants?
«The probability of new variants forming is directly proportional to the circulation of the virus. If we reduce the space available to him, creating a collective immunity, we will force him to replicate less and therefore not to have mutations ».

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