Tax, everything changes: from 1 October Spid and Cie are obliged

Tax, everything changes: from 1 October Spid and Cie are obliged
Tax, everything changes: from 1 October Spid and Cie are obliged

According to the provisions of the Simplification Decree, starting from October 1st, the username and password that until now had allowed access to FiscOnline will cease to be valid. In order to use the services of the portals of Revenue and Collection Agency it will be necessary to have a Spid, Cie (electronic identity card) or Cns (national service card).

The new taxpayer control system will be necessary to access the online services of the tax authorities: since the beginning of 2021 there have been 44 million accesses to the tax drawer, about 1 million leases, 2 million public deeds, and over 400 thousand documents sent through the Civis service. In addition, there are 4 million accesses to the dedicated reserved area on the Revenue-Collection Agency website. This essentially concerns the private citizens, while nothing changes for companies and professionals, who will keep their credentials still valid.

From midnight on September 30, 2021, therefore, for private citizens who want to register public deeds and contracts online or use the various services of the Revenue Agency without going to the counter, it will be mandatory to have Spid, Cie and Cns. On the other hand, no change is envisaged with regard to services that do not require registration, such as the verification of the VAT number, the verification of the tax code or the booking of appointments.

VAT and companies

Professionals and companies will not be affected by these changes, since the Fisconline, Entratel or Sister credentials will continue to be valid which, on the contrary, will be issued both to holders of VAT numbers and to legal persons even after 1 October.


The Spid can be activated by any adult who presents a valid identification document, a health card / tax code, an email address and a mobile number.

After identifying and choosing a “identity provider“among those available, you will need to enter your personal data. The next steps are the creation of the Spid credentials and the recognition procedure, for which you will need to choose between the free and paid methods made available by your identity manager It is also possible to avoid acting alone, choosing to rely instead, free of charge, on an authorized PA structure. As far as the document release times are concerned, they essentially depend on the individual managers.

Access with Cie

You can also access the services from your PC via an electronic identity card, provided you have a contactless smart card reader and the “Cie Software”. If you were to log in directly with one smartphone equipped with NFC interface, it will be necessary to download the “Cie ID” app and read the card through the electronic device.

Alternatively, you can use the PC to access the online portal and directly use your mobile phone (always if equipped with an NFC interface and “Cie ID” app) to read the card.

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