Belt will tell us what to buy and what not

Belt will tell us what to buy and what not
Belt will tell us what to buy and what not

Saving money through the electricity bill has now become a sort of priority for European citizens.

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The crisis has now been present in our country and on the European continent for several months. The arrival of the virus covid 19, the period of extreme emergency to avoid the vehicular of the same, with closures and restrictions never implemented before have made sure that something came to food. The work was affected, in some cases lost in others profoundly downsized. There crisis it has hit everyone for good or bad, and today it’s not over yet.

The European Community, after the experience with household appliances, remember dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators and displays, he decided to give a new version also of the energy label as regards the light bulbs. The aim is to have a citizen who is increasingly educated to respect certain dynamics, including obviously the environment. The same bulbs will no longer be classified from A + to A +++, as before, but from A to G.

Choice of bulbs: how to save money by making the most efficient and practical decision

A series of information will then come provided together with clearly the same bulb. They will range from light, cold, warm or neutral tones to color efficiency, duration and much more. A sort of identity card of the bulb complete and without any smudging. The citizen he is educated as well as in advance to purchase certain items rather than others. What will come out will be one society aware and we hope that the environmental impact is not entirely significant.

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The project Belt (Boost Energy Label Take up), will also guide the citizens themselves in choosing the same bulbs, a choice at this point as complex as it is crucial. The project sponsored, led in practice by Altroconsumo with the collaboration of various partners, aims to lend a hand to the citizen but above all to train him in this new phase, to make him understand what is appropriate to do and what not. How to move, how to choose how to consider his point of view respect for the environment.


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