not on rates but on withdrawals

not on rates but on withdrawals
not on rates but on withdrawals

News regarding the withdrawal from postal books but also the gross rate. Poste communicates the details and also the address to follow.

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Always maximum attention, even in periods of apparent calm. It is an unwritten rule but it is good to always keep in high regard, especially when it comes to savings instruments such as post office books. A deposit opportunity made available by Poste Italiane, advantageous and suitable for any saver, young or more mature. With one small variable to watch out for. Poste, in fact, several times sends its account holders notices about contractual changes. Sheets on sheets that, very often, we store for a short time and little desire to read thoroughly.

Yet, as he reports, the news this time is one of the important ones. More than anything else because the conditions are changing they would be improved in relation to the withdrawal at the counters. But also watch out for communications on changes in the gross rate applied to savings books. This could really be decisive information to understand if the opening (or maintenance) is worthwhile or not. A communication on the matter was issued on 6 August and announces important news.

Postal books, pay attention to rates: what Poste has communicated

As mentioned, in the message sent to the current account holders, Poste Italiane disclosed the gross rates applied to the passbooks. Specifically, 0.001% for ordinary regulatory and judicial ones; 0.01% for special names, i.e. dedicated to minors; finally, 0.001% on smart. On the other hand, an annual rate of 0.40% for the 360-day supersmart offer. On its official website, Poste has in any case provided all the essential information that, perhaps, we have not read about paper communication. Right now, the supersmart seems to be the master, considering what rates are encountered. In fact, holders will be able to withdraw without a passbook card from 25 September to 3 October 2021 and from 23 October to 3 November 2021.

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And here we come to the second news, the one concerning withdrawals. Low rates have been a leitmotiv of recent times, as the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic has not allowed them to be revised upwards. Also for this reason a 360-day Supersmart, with a rate of 0.40%, it is more advantageous. As regards the withdrawal limit, the communication specifies that, in the event of a transaction in post offices other than the opening one, the limit will be 1,500 euros.

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