Citroën C3: dimensions, interior, boot space

Citroën C3: dimensions, interior, boot space
Citroën C3: dimensions, interior, boot space

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The Citroën presents a new one C3 to boost its specific growth strategy in some regions. This is the first of a series of three models (to be launched by 2024), developed and manufactured in India and South America for local markets. The start of marketing is expected from the first half of 2022.

New architecture. The model, currently not destined for Europe and Italy, is a fundamental part of this strategy that combines the style and peculiarities of the cars of the French manufacturer, adapting them to the needs of particular countries. We specify: the new C3 is different from the sedan and the larger C3 Aircross sold in Italy. It is a raised car, 3.98 meters long (compared to 4.0 for the hatchback and 4.16 for the Aircross variant) and is equipped with features dedicated to the target markets (such as increased ground clearance, raised seat and ad hoc suspension calibration). The wheelbase of 2.54 meters is the same as the European C3, but the gem concerns the platform: the latter, in fact, is not the Pf1 of the C3 we know (dated 2016), but an evolution of the Cmp (the one on which among other things, the C4, the DS 3 Crossback and the Peugeot 208 and 2008). This suggests that the company, with this model, is embarking on a sort of technical-industrial rationalization, in order to progressively exploit its most recent platform in the compact range. As for the engines, no details whatsoever have been disclosed.

Suitable for irregular bottoms. From an aesthetic point of view, the C3 stands out for its raised bodywork also in two colors, the inclined bonnet to increase visibility, the front characterized by the Y-shaped luminous signature, as on the most recent models of the House, and off-road style protections, present even in the tail. On the side, in addition to contrasting lower panels, the large ground clearance (18 centimeters) stands out, making this C3 suitable for tackling rough or unpaved roads.

10 (inch) monitor. The new compact has one of its strengths in the raised driving position and the spacious interior, which can accommodate five people. The lively horizontal development dashboard integrates a small instrument panel and, in the center, the 10-inch capacitive touch monitor which includes, among other things, the Mirror screen functions, compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay devices and voice commands. The luggage compartment is adequate, which can hold objects for 315 liters declared.

Regions in expansion. India is a new, fast growing market for the Double chevron brand. Which announced its arrival in that country in 2019 and then launched its first model, the C5 Aircross, earlier this year. The presence of the brand on the Indian market is based on two joint ventures signed between the Stellantis group and the companies of the CK Birla group, which assemble cars, boast a distribution network and produce powertrains. In India, the C3 will be produced at the Chennai plant in the southeastern part of the country. In South America, on the other hand, Citroën has been present since the 1960s and the brand now aims to increase commercial penetration with modern models adapted to local needs. An example is that of the C4 Cactus, which is produced in the Porto Real plant (Brazil), where the new C3 will also be built.

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