Efficiency and sustainability in the field, with the Nestlè and Steriltom project

40% savings in irrigation water, healthier crops, efficiency and sustainability.
These are the objectives of an innovative project that Nestlé has launched together with the Piacenza processing company Steriltom for the cultivation of industrial tomatoes, destined for the puree that the multinational uses for its Buitoni brand pizzas.

It is based on the use of “intelligent” probes installed in the fields and controlled by one control unit, which sends data to an app that allows farmers to be updated in real time on soil moisture conditions. This ensures greater irrigation efficiency, significantly reducing water waste and allowing the plant to always receive the amount of water actually needed. Thus the tomato plants remain healthy and, consequently, are more reactive and resistant in case of pathogenic attacks or particularly intense heat waves, allowing to limit the use of any chemical treatments and thus safeguarding biodiversity. Furthermore, this practice also contributes to protecting the fertility of the soil, safeguarding its organic substances. A project oriented towards sustainability to which Steriltom pays particular attention.

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Efficiency sustainability field Nestlè Steriltom project

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