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Ryanair flight offers: more airline tickets at affordable prices. You can fly at low cost also to and from Catania.

Ryanair flight offers: both round-trip and return tickets at really low prices, even if the airport in Catania is involved.

This is the latest initiative of the Irish low cost airline, which offers several 40% discounted tickets for all those who book by today.

In particular, low-priced tickets are for dates between now and November 30, 2021. Undoubtedly, many will want to take advantage of these offers to take an autumn break after returning from work, as an alternative to a missed vacation in the summer or to visit someone special.

Among the various cities involved in the list of low-priced destinations is Catania, with several tickets for less than 8 euros. Specifically, many flights are planned for just over 7 euros from various Italian cities to the city of Etna.

For instance, among the cities from which it is possible to reach Catania with only 7.25 euros are Rome, Genoa, Naples and Venice. In addition, other cities allow you to fly to the city of Etna at reasonable prices: in fact, from Perugia you can go to Catania for about 11 euros, while from Pisa, Turin, Trieste and Verona it will be enough to spend just over 13 euros.

However, even with regard to departures from Catania it is possible to travel cheaply. In fact, there are several routes that allow you to leave with a cost of up to 13 euros. For example, by purchasing a ticket of around 7 euros it is possible to reach both Alghero and Bologna from Catania. Instead, spending around 11 euros it is possible to fly from the city of Etna to Bari and Cagliari.

Finally, Ryanair also offers tickets within 13 euros departing from Catania to Italian and European destinations. Indeed, with this figure it is possible to travel to Budapest, Athens and Milan. The package of Ryanair flight offers from Catania ends with the destination of Berlin: however, compared to the cases mentioned above, the cost is higher although contained, given that the ticket amounts to just over 25 euros.

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