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Not just tetanus, now the doctors’ excuse no vax also 104 for family members. Ridiculous, and in blatant violation of the law. If employers do not speed up against health professionals who want to evade article 4 of law 76 (2021), which obliges them in their role to receive the serum against Covid, they will be forced to report them personally to the judicial authority. Here is the crime sanctioned by article 328: undue refusal. It already goes heavy Antonio Rinaudo, commissioner of the Piedmontese Crisis Unit, in front of the 18 thousand health care employees (of which 3 thousand in the public sector) who have not yet had the vaccine against the Coronavirus. And that, after the excuse of the 15 days to pass between the tetanus injection and the one against the virus responsible for the pandemic, now they aim to exploit a hypothetical multimonthly accumulation of leave days linked to law 104 for the care of relatives with certified disability.

The law allows a maximum of 3 days a month, even consecutive, to be requested for parental care – continues the former magistrate – yet I found myself on the desk a letter from a lawyer informing me how his client intended to accumulate a number of days in 104, such as to return to service only after 31 December 2021: coincidentally when the legal limits on the suspension of health workers who do not vaccinate expire.

According to Rinaudo, however, it is an irregular procedure because as is known, the family member who enjoys law 104 for a relative has 3 days of leave per month and, once in a lifetime, up to 2 years. When the request for a long abstention for 104, however, arrives immediately after the reminder to the vaccine – concludes the commissioner – the employer must initiate a careful investigation because, in the case of conduct that could have criminal relevance, the reporting to the judicial, when appropriate, also necessary to avoid incurring the conduct referred to in art. 361 of the Italian Criminal Code, with possible configuration of the hypothesis of tax damage.

The first suspensions have started, but this is a small thing compared to the overall audience of No vax in the ward, which risk reaching the end of the year without reports and, therefore, getting away with it. According to the latest official data, in fact, there are just over 300 audiences to whom action was taken. In the Turin area, the ASL city of Turin suspended 86 sanitary ware. The Mauritian 7; Citt della Salute 36 between nurses and Oss (of which 5 have already returned to work because they have given the vaccine), 4 doctors (of which one has been reinstated because the serum was administered) and 2 others who are part of non-medical management . At To3, 15 were suspended; 9 to To5. ASL To4 sent 200 investigations and suspended about twenty internal employees. 24 at the ASL of Vercelli have received an assessment of non-compliance (of these, 2 were then vaccinated, 9 were suspended, the others demoted) and 8 are being assessed. ASL Cn1 sent 87 letters, 23 to its own employees (it then suspended 9) and 7 of Santa Croce, which suspended 4.

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