Piazza Affari rises again and purchases are unleashed on these 2 titles

Today the European stock exchanges have a lot to complain about. Once again Wall Street has enforced the law of the strongest and at the time of the opening dragged all the lists down. Obviously, the Italian stock exchange also suffered from the weak opening of Wall Street. However, he showed good resistance to American ballast and finished the session with a positive sign. So after yesterday’s downward session, today Piazza Affari returns to rise and purchases are unleashed on these 2 stocks.

The three data that influenced the stock exchanges in the final

Today was a heart-pounding session for the markets. Three important macroeconomic data from the US were expected in the afternoon. The result of these data would have influenced the opening of the American stock exchange and consequently also the performance of the European stock exchanges. And so it was.

The three figures expected from the US were August retail sales and jobless claims. The third important figure was the Philadelphia Fed’s production index for September. The latter was much better than expected and retail sales also did well. Unfortunately, the requests for unemployment benefits were also higher than expected and the market did not like this.

Thus the start of Wall Street was negative and dragged down the European stock exchanges including Piazza Affari. Fortunately, the stock markets of the Old Continent were in sharp rise at the time of the start of trading on the US Stock Exchange. The consequence was that the decline in European prices only limited the gains. At the time of closing, the German Dax index was up 0.2%, the Paris stock exchange was up 0.6% and London was up just under 0.2%.

Piazza Affari rises again and purchases are unleashed on these 2 titles

Once again our stock market was the best among the main European lists. The major index of Piazza Affari closed up by 0.78% at 25,963 points. However, for the whole day the Ftse Mib index (INDEX: FTSEMIB) remained above the 26,000 point threshold. At some point in the day, the index had gained up to 1.2%. Only after the negative opening of the American stock market did prices return below the important psychological threshold.

If the major index of Piazza Affari has to be satisfied with a small rise, today some stocks have literally flown on the list. The queen of the day is undoubtedly Bioera. Today the stock jumped by more than 38% thanks to the excellent half-year results. Almost a bolt from the blue as stock prices have fallen steadily over the past few months. Despite today’s rally, the six-month performance is negative by 43%.

Another title that took off today is Gas Plus. In this article, our Analysts had focused on this title. Prices rose 24% today on the back of strong increases in the price of natural gas.


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