Dear bills, Draghi thinks about 3 bln. Enel Floats From

Dear bills, Draghi thinks about 3 bln. Enel Floats From
Dear bills, Draghi thinks about 3 bln. Enel Floats From

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By Alessandro Albano – It’s after Energy Transition Minister Roberto Cingolani warned this week that there will be a 40% increase in electricity and gas bills in the fourth quarter, due to soaring electricity and electricity.

To curb a rise in prices that could seriously damage citizens’ purchasing power and the ongoing economic recovery, the government is thinking of a new 3 billion euro measure, which includes a structural modification of the calculation method to avoid future increases. determined by the surge in the prices of energy sources, especially gas.

“First of all, the quarter must be mitigated. We know that the increase is important and this is happening throughout Europe”, said Minister Cingolani on Thursday morning.

The 3 billion to avoid the jump in bills is “in the immediate future, exactly as we did last quarter”, when the state made 1.2 billion available to stem a 20% increase.

“But the structural question is different”, added the government exponent, “we need to think about how the bill is built, the calculation method must be rewritten, we are working on it in these hours”.

The appointment is set for today at 16:00 CEST when the council of ministers will discuss the rise in bills and how to cope with the context of the energy market. At the same meeting, the thorny Green pass issue for private workers will also be put on the table after yesterday the House and Senate said yes to the first dl on the vaccination passport.

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