Utility bad: Enel ko. Stangata Bills: Draghi intervenes

Utility bad: Enel ko. Stangata Bills: Draghi intervenes
Utility bad: Enel ko. Stangata Bills: Draghi intervenes

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September 15 17:16

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by Davide Pantaleo


Enel A2A Hera Terna Snam Italgas Ftse Mib

Bad day for utilities, among which Enel stands out, followed by A2A. A big increase for electricity bills is coming: this is what the Government has in mind.

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In Piazza Affari, today’s session is not reserving anything good for the utilities that end up in the crosshairs of the sellers, accusing in most cases a worse decline than that of the Ftse Mib.

Utility in check in Piazza Affari: thud for Enel and A2A

It defends itself better than the other Italgas, which falls in line with the reference index, showing a drop of 0.96%, while Snam and Hera move back by 1.24% and 1.45%, leaving Terna further behind. decreased by 1.67%.

A2A’s balance sheet is much heavier, leaving 3.8% on the parterre, but it is Enel who wears the black jersey and slips to the bottom of the Ftse Mib with a vertical depth of 5.02%.

Utility: Government take action against expensive energy in the bill

The spotlight turns on the utilities and a lot of negativity is unleashed in the wake of the news circulating around the sector.

According to Il Sole 24 Ore, the option of sterilizing the increase in VAT is being considered to cope with the cost of electricity.

A one-off intervention should be added to this move to reduce the cost of bills for enhanced protection customers in October.

Equita SIM recalls that a similar maneuver was applied in July, using a 1.4 billion euro government fund, limiting the tariff increase to 10% compared to the 20% underliyng.

The Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, anticipated that the increases in October could be between 31 and 40%.

Stangata Bills in autumn: the proposal of the Arera

According to Il Sole 24 Ore, a first meeting on the subject would already have taken place between the Minister of Economy Franco and the president of the Arera.

Another hypothesis on the table proposed by the Arera would be to transfer the system costs connected to sustainable development objectives (costs for the dismantling of nuclear power plants) and energy poverty, that is about 1 billion euros, to general taxation.

Electricity bill: which items weigh the most?

Considering the incentives for renewables, equal to 14 billion euros, the system charges would rise to 15 billion euros.

In the electricity bill, for the typical family on the protected market, the cost of raw material, i.e. electricity, accounts for 57%, sales costs for 8%, distribution 18%, system charges. ‘11% and taxes 13%.

Utility: the impacts of the expensive bill expected from Equita SIM

According to Equita SIM analysts, therefore, there does not seem to be a risk of a solution such as in Spain at the moment, with interventions to the detriment of electricity operators.

The government led by Mario Draghi would seek a solution that would lead to an elimination of the general charges in the bill, already circulated in the newspapers in recent days, and the displacement of other items on general taxation.

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Utility bad Enel Stangata Bills Draghi intervenes

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