Electricity bill increases up to 40% from October: there is an explanation

Electricity bill increases up to 40% from October: there is an explanation
Electricity bill increases up to 40% from October: there is an explanation

From 1 October the electricity bill will increase by 40%. This was announced by Roberto Cingolani, Minister of Ecological Transition, who recalled how in the third quarter the cost of the energy bill had already increased by 20%. Although in summary form, the minister explained the reasons that lead the electricity bill to such a surge: “It happens because the price of gas at the international level increases, because the price of the CO2 produced also increases“. Cingolani then added that the government will not stand still, confirming that it is already committed to finding effective solutions to mitigate the cost of bills.

Bills rise, because the electricity bill increases

Premessa: i increases in the energy bill they are not a novelty that we discover for sure only today, this must be clear. The minister himself recalled that already in July, the month in which the third quarter began, the increase in costs had been equal to 20%. In light of this, let us try to explain the reason for this bull run.

The cause is the increase in commodity prices

The main cause is the increase in the prices of energy raw materials at international level, above all natural gas. In turn, the increase in prices is driven on the one hand by the growth in demand for energy, on the other hand both transport and production are unable to keep up with the mass of new orders from the Old Continent. Consequently, the prices of energy materials such as gas rise, especially in our country and in Spain.

Then there is a second factor that is contributing to the rise in electricity bills: the high prices of CO2 emission permits. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that the production of electricity today is carried out in most cases within the thermoelectric plants, which in order to produce energy need to burn gas in the first place: this explains the reason why starting from next month they will return. to raise the costs in the electricity bill.

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Electricity bill increases October explanation

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