“Remember when …”: Corona still provokes Fedez and Ferragni

“Remember when …”: Corona still provokes Fedez and Ferragni
“Remember when …”: Corona still provokes Fedez and Ferragni

Since a few weeks, Fabrizio Corona put in his sights Chiara Ferragni and her husband Fedez. The provocations of the former king of the paparazzi are increasingly frequent towards the couple. In particular, Corona sends very explicit messages to the influencer, as if he were attracted to them. Only a few days ago he had expressed the desire to have a sexual encounter with her and in the last hours he took inspiration from a post shared by Chiara Ferragni to somehow return to the subject and launch other provocations to the rapper, who despite the constant teasing so far he preferred not to reply in order not to fuel the social debate.

City Life Tiger. A beautiful editorial turn, a beautiful pose … A step forward … Maybe we get out of the ‘baby food and bottle’ mood … We like this“, wrote Corona, taking up one of the recent photos shared by Chiara Ferragni. It is a shot from 2017, which sees her protagonist together with Fedez in a particularly seductive pose. But the former king of paparazzi continues:”Then you look around and think that you don’t have two children, but three. So you get back in the game and look for the alpha male … The one that makes you feel like a woman“Obviously the provocation against Fedez, considered by Fabrizio Corona not as Ferragni’s husband but as her third child, in addition to Leone and Vittoria, as if to underline a presumed immaturity and inadequacy to be at the side of the influencer.

Finally, Corona’s lunge: “Let’s finish with the bullshit of gender equality: in bed the woman must be ‘smashed into a wall’. Sooner or later I will explain to you and not directly what I mean“. A cryptic conclusion from the former king of paparazzi, who then went on in an equally mysterious way.”And it will no longer be social fiction“, Fabrizio Corona wrote in a subsequent story. What is he referring to? It is not known, but his latest story still opens up to other doubts.”Remember when …“, concludes the ex-husband of Nina Moric, indicating with an arrow the date” 2017 “in the original post by Chiara Ferragni. It does not appear that the two have had contacts in the past, especially in that period. Beyond this, Fabrizio Corona does not seem willing to let go of Fedez, which seems to be his real goal, especially after the statements made to the weekly Chi a few weeks ago: “It is not ironic that guys like that sing and tell that they come from the street and then have the perfect family, the perfect wife, the perfect children, the bike, the mother, the table set … But what is this bourgeois dream?“.


Remember Corona provokes Fedez Ferragni

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