the list of withdrawn products of the week

the list of withdrawn products of the week
the list of withdrawn products of the week

Coop food references: the list of products withdrawn this week. All the details.

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On the official website of the well-known supermarket chain Coop a section entirely dedicated to food recalls of products that do not comply with health standards. In fact, to avoid the danger deriving from a possible contamination of these products, Coop carries out a mass recall as a precaution. The food or drink affected by the recall will be immediately seized from supermarket shelves. Here is the list of Coop products withdrawn of the week.

Coop food recalls: the urgent withdrawal notices of the week

In addition to the competent bodies, such as the Ministry of Health, even some supermarket chains have strived to prevent the dangers posed by some contaminated products or do not comply with standard health regulations. There section of food recalls Coop is very useful for consumers to be aware of all batches of food and drinks officially withdrawn from supermarket shelves. Although the reasons for food recalls can be very diverse, the Ministry of Health always recommends not consuming the products affected by the recall and returning them to the reference point of sale. Let’s see the list of Coop food products withdrawn this week.

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All Coop products affected by food recall

Massive Coop food recalls this week. On the notices section of the official website it will be possible to consult all products affected by the recall, this week, of which we report the official list:

1) Supplements, meat and ice cream

  • Nutricia recalls Fortifit Muscles and Bones: lots: MU383 – MU384 – MU384 – MU385, expiry date: 17-02-2023, presence of ethylene oxide in the food supplement;
  • Rue Flambée Srl recalls Chef Nick Srl Preparation for Bread and Pizza: lot: 160421, expiry date: 16-10-2023, presence of ethylene oxide in carob seed flour;
  • Mowi recalls Marinated Salmon Slices Red Thai Infusions: lot 02B821238, expiration date: 09-10-2021, incorrect expiration date of the marinated salmon steaks;
  • Froneri recalls Nuii and Milka ice creams: ice creams withdrawn due to the presence of ethylene oxide, for information on the numbers of withdrawn batches consult this article;
  • Metagenics Recalls Curcudyn 60 Capsules: Batch: 2104479, Batch: 2103654, Ethylene Oxide in Magnesium Food Supplement;

2) Pasta, desserts, supplements, cooking cream

  • Piatti Freschi Italia recalls Viva la Mamma Rice Salad: lot S691210923, expiry 09/23/202, possible presence of an allergenic substance to gluten;
  • Confectionery Val D’Enza recalls Apple Pie – Dolci del Castello: lots: 1L075-1L092-1L124-1L148-1L180, deadline: 30/09/21 – 30/10/21 – 30/11/21 – 15/12 / 21 – 01/15/22, ethylene oxide;
  • Mars Italia recalls Gelati Mars Italia: presence of ethylene oxide at high levels, consult this article for more information on withdrawn lots;
  • Mars Italia recalls M & M’s Crispy: lots: 125G1HAG03 – 125G2HAG03, deadline: 23.01.2022, presence of GMOs;
  • Pharma Line Srl still recalls Emacrit sachets: ethylene oxide in the supplement, consult this article to know the recalled lots;
  • Unigrà srl recalls Orasì Kitchen Soybeans: lot: 21068, expiry date: 04/03/2022, ethylene oxide;

3) Soy drinks, rusks, cake mix, sesame seeds

  • Unigrà srl also recalls Beverages OraSì: cocoa batch: 21084 expiry date: 20/03/2022, walnut batch: 21103 expiry date: 08/04/2022, hazelnut batch: 21085 expiry date: 21/03/2022, chestnut batch: 21076 expiry date: 12 / 12/2021, ethylene oxide;
  • Giuliani Spa recalls Gluten Free Rusks Right: expiration 1/12/2021, ethylene oxide;
  • Coop recalls Benesì UHT Vegetable Preparation: expiry 26/12/2021, presence of ethylene oxide;
  • Coop recalls Benesì Gluten Free Rusks: lot 1077 – expiration 18/11/2021, lot 1082 – expiration 23/11/2021, same contaminant;
  • Sarchio Spa recalls Sesame seeds: lot: 204431, expiry date: 07/31-2022, ethylene oxide.

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