Railways: Frecciarossa to Malpensa by 2023

Railways: Frecciarossa to Malpensa by 2023
Railways: Frecciarossa to Malpensa by 2023

High Speed ​​a Malpensa by 2023 is one of the objectives of the five-year investment plan presented in May 2019 by FS Group.

In all likelihood, the pandemic has extended its execution, “but from the news I have in my hand the Frecciarossa at Malpensa will still be there”, Says Matteo Bianchi from Varese, who had already raised the issue with a parliamentary question to the then minister Paola De Micheli.

FS’s willingness to carry out the project had already been clearly demonstrated by test run carried out on January 19, 2019 give one ETR 400, between the station of Milano Central and the Terminal 2 of the airport with a view to re-establishing the connection. As mentioned, the Covid emergency that has dragged the transport sector into an unprecedented crisis now inevitably moves the goal further.

Per Malpensa the Red Arrow it would be a return over ten years after the first failed experiment. The inaugural race took place on 13 September 2010.

A year and a half later, however, on May 18, 2012, in the silence of all, FS canceled all four daily services which allowed to reach Rome in 4 hours and 24 minutes without changing convoy a milan Central. The reason was the low use, due both to the small number of frequencies and to the delicate moment that passed through Malpensa airport.

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