Suzuki Burgman 400, the test and price of the Japanese middle size scooter

Suzuki Burgman 400, the test and price of the Japanese middle size scooter
Suzuki Burgman 400, the test and price of the Japanese middle size scooter

Elegant to the eye, snappy at traffic lights, agile in the city and surprising on the extra-urban route: the fourth generation of the Hamamatsu scooter comes with all the credentials for the journey from home to work and beyond. And with the promotion currently underway, 1,000 euros are saved

Matteo Solinghi


September 14
– Milano

Over 760,000 Burgman units sold in less than a quarter of a century cannot be a mere coincidence: this is the sign that since 1998, the year of its entry into the international scene, the Japanese scooter has made its way into the hearts of conspicuous of users, who have chosen it by virtue of the characteristics of comfort, elegance and sportiness that distinguish it. Over the years and with subsequent versions (2006 and 2017) the Hamamtsu technicians have refined and sharpened the lines of that first successful model, making it instantly recognizable and giving it that unique style that today, in Suzuki, enclose in the term of “Burgman Coupé “.

Suzuki Burgman 400: how it’s done

Borrowing the term “Coupé” from the automotive world, the side view of the Suzuki Burgman recalls, in fact, the lines of a car of this segment, historically in search of the best possible design by blending elegance and performance. If the harmony of the lines is the leitmotiv found in every corner of the scooter, sportiness is to be found purely on the front. The feline-looking LED optical unit is well matched to a simple and clean design, but the focus falls on 15-inch wheels at the front and 13 at the rear, blue (regardless of the color of the scooter, which can be satin silver like the one under test, black or gray) and with a strong reference to sporty Suzuki. The instrumentation, with odometer and rev counter separated by a simple display but with everything you need for the commute from home to work and even a trip out of town, is clearly visible even in sunny conditions, and now also shows the instant consumption. There 41 telescopic fork mm with 110 mm stroke and the double 260 mm disc complete the front end package. Comfort and practicality are instead to be found at the rear, where we find the single shock absorber with progressive link and 100 mm travel, a plus compared to the competition: a choice that has a not negligible industrial cost but which guarantees comfort and sportiness of a level. Two large, useful and functional handles can be very useful for the passenger, while the regular-shaped underseat compartment boasts one 42 liter capacity, with the ability to accommodate two helmets: a full-face and a jet. The saddle, located just 755 mm from the ground, is easy to access for everyone.

Suzuki Burgman 400: the engine

The Japanese scooter is driven by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, with a displacement of 400 cc and a maximum power of 29,2 Cv at 6,300 rpm, while the torque is 35.2 Nm at 4,900 rpm. The transition toEuro 5 allowed the Burgman to lower CO2 emissions, taking them from 97 g / km of the previous model to the current 94, against an increase in top speed, now of 135 km / h. Overall result that has been achieved thanks to the improvements made by Suzuki technicians, and which concern in particular the cylinder head, the piston, the injector and the optimization of combustion thanks to a revised cam profile. The adoption of Dual Spark technology sees the number of iridium candles rise from one to two. To dampen the power, if needed, perhaps on uneven surfaces, on slippery cobbles in December or other situations in which the adhesion to the ground fails, the sophisticated takes care of it. Traction Control (can be deactivated by pressing the engine start button for a few seconds, with the engine running). The Easy Start System completes the package: a slight touch of the start button is enough to start the engine, making the gesture even easier and more immediate.

Suzuki Burgman 400: how is it going in the city

Despite the 218 kg in running order, the Japanese scooter is agile and moves with ease in the city, not suffering from steering angles, low speeds and everything that the urban challenge puts on the plate. The driving position is overall comfortable, but it can be a little curled up for those over 180 cm in height, with the knee above the level of the lower back. This is opposed the comfort of the saddle, perhaps too soft but which has three-position adjustable lumbar support (standard, 15mm or 30mm forward). The engine always guarantees the right power to shoot at traffic lights and an adequate recovery at medium speeds, with a respectable “back” despite the 2 HP lost with the transition to Euro 5.

Suzuki Burgman 400: how it goes out of town

When you leave the city behind and opt for extra-urban routes, you first appreciate the stability of the Japanese scooter. At high speeds it remains precise and linear, with the frame (stiff enough) that works in perfect synergy with the rear suspension, ensuring the right balance between sportiness and comfort. Asphalt not in perfect condition, compressions, bumps and bumps are optimally absorbed by the suspension, which copy the ground without giving that rebound sensation as feedback. When you force the pace, you also appreciate the brakes, which are always modular and effective.

Suzuki Burgman 400: at a glance

A middle size that mixes the qualities of a high wheel with those of a maxi scooter: agile and slender in the city, it has a respectable capacity with 42 liters in the saddle (there are two helmets: one integral and one jet), 2.8 and 3.5 liters in the two storage compartments. On extra-urban routes, the fluidity of the engine and the stability of the vehicle are appreciated, with the rear suspension working very well. The look is elegant and distinctive. Among optional you can choose between the windshield increased by 7.5 cm, the heated grips on three levels, the hand guards and the rear case. The promotion currently underway (until the end of September but which in all probability will be renewed) provides a discount of 1,000 euros, bringing the price down from 7,999 euros to 6,990 euros.

Suzuki Burgman 400: strengths and weaknesses

Like it: design and sportiness at the front;
attention to details and finishes;
stability on the fast thanks to the rear monoshock.
Do not like
: slightly crouched driving position for those over 180 cm in height.

Suzuki Burgman 400: technical sheet

Motor: single cylinder 4 stroke, 400 cc liquid cooled;
bore x stroke 81.0 x 77.6 mm;
maximum power 29.2 Hp at 6,300 rpm;
maximum torque 35.2 Nm at 4,900 rpm.
Cycling: trellis frame;
front suspension telescopic fork;
rear suspension monoshock with progressive link.
Wheels: front 120/70 – 15M / C (56S);
rear 150/70 – 13M / C (64S).
Dimensions: length 2,235 mm;
width 765 mm;
height 1,350 mm;
wheelbase 1,580 mm;
floor saddle height 755 mm;
fuel tank capacity 13.5 liters.
Curb weight: 218 kg.
Brakes: 260 mm double disc front;
210mm single disc rear.
CO2 emissions: 91 g/km.
Consumption declared: 4 l/100 km.
Price: € 7,999, in promotion at € 6,990.

September 14 – 10:40 am


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