Verge TS. The electric motorcycle without hub is on sale

Verge TS. The electric motorcycle without hub is on sale
Verge TS. The electric motorcycle without hub is on sale

Sto push innovation beyond the concept of electric motorization and what follows from it.
This is what the Finnish designers of Verge TS: who has memory will perhaps remember the RMK E2, proposed as a concept in 2019 by the then company RMK, which represents the first version.

The basic idea is in the engine that becomes the rear wheel, deprived of hub central: has the advantage of reducing friction losses (the transmission is direct) and to offer an original aesthetic.

Basically a part of the reed valve structure is integral with the swingarm and the second is to the circle, which is set in rotation when the electromagnets are powered. A big disc perimeter it is on the right side of the wheel and there is of course regenerative braking.

Ithe “circle” has a channel, however, wider than normal and this requires the assembly of a tire of abundant section.
The handling tests, inform Verge Motorcycles and that you can see in the video below, were positive and the Ducati example Diavel – with its wide tire 240 mm – demonstrates how dynamics can not be particularly affected if the chassis is well designed.

The engine delivers the power of 80 kW (109 cavalli) e 1.000 Nm of couple. Pushes the Verge TS to 180 km/h, with acceleration from standstill from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 ”.

IThe battery pack housed in the center of the aluminum alloy frame offers a range that fluctuates and 200 at 300 km depending on the driving mode.

Con the quick charger need to 15 minutes of time to embark enough energy to travel 100 km, while with the on-board charger it takes 4 hours to fully recharge. The weight of the bike is 225 kg.
The suspensions are supplied by Ohlins, the brakes by Brembo and the front wheel by BST.

The sale price of the Verge TS, which can be pre-ordered, is set at 24.990 euro and deliveries are expected in 2022.


Verge electric motorcycle hub sale

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