All electric Dacia? “Customers can’t afford it”

All electric Dacia? “Customers can’t afford it”
All electric Dacia? “Customers can’t afford it”

After the Spring, neither hybrid nor electric Dacia are expected: too expensive.

All electric Dacia? Will the arrival of the highly anticipated Spring lead the way in a conversion of the low-cost brand of the Renault group? No, that’s why …

All electric Dacia? “No, and even the hybrid is too expensive”

A Spring will not make spring. The small electric of the Romanian brand will remain a case in itself, for a mere economic question. The reasons were explained by the Sales and Marketing Manager of Dacia, Xavier Martinet, in an interview to the English site Auto Express. The problem is not technological, since the Renault group has all the solutions. It is the money in the pockets of the customers that ensures that the low-cost brand will convert to complete electrification “only when absolutely necessary“. That is when emissions standards will dictate it. Meanwhile the bar will be on keeping car prices at an accessible level for all. Even the engines hybrids and plug-in hybrids at the moment they risk being too expensive: “The problem is not technical, we could put these technologies on our cars. We have the hybrid on the Clio and the Captur , we could put it on Jogger or the Sandero domanthe”. Wanting. But the prices then …

Xavier Martinet

“Electrification increases prices, but wages do not increase”

Martinet is convinced that electrification is not the right way now, nor in the short and medium term. “Customers are ready to pay 3-4,000 euros more for a hybrid? When in fact they might buy a version petrol or LPG which costs only a few hundred euros more and is within the limits of CO2 emissions? Our customers don’t ask for a specific technology. They just want a car that meets their needs and allows them to go where they want at the right price“. But what will happen when the rules Euro 7 and ADAS Will car prices raise? “The cost of the vehicles will increase, but people’s salaries will not increase at the same pace“Predicts Martinet. The challenge will be to respect the laws even with traditional cars, with the usual quality-price ratio. Moral of the story: Dacia “it will become electrified and then electric when needed. Why orient us towards technical solutions that customers could not be willing to buy? We will have it when it is needed to allow customers to enter city centers without penalties. But it will still be a question of money “.

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