news and discounts coming soon

news and discounts coming soon
news and discounts coming soon

No university fees with ISEE up to € 22,000: Minister of University and Research Cristina Messa widens the links of the exemption. Starting the increase in the threshold of exemption, therefore of the no tax area, was the predecessor to Miur Gaetano Manfredi.

The discounts up to 80% for households with ISEE up to 30,000 euros. This is the enrollment period, many are taking entrance tests and universities will have to adapt their systems to the new parameters of tax relief.

The resources allocated for the measure amount to 165 million euros. It must be said that many universities have already opted for the new threshold of exemption, indeed in some cases it is even higher.

University, no taxes up to 22,000 euros of ISEE: news and discounts on the way

Good news for families with low ISEE: the no tax area for university fees will be raised from 20,000 to 22.000 euro. The ministerial decree that deals with the new rules for exemption from university fees is 1034/2021, currently being published. According to Sole 24 Ore, which anticipates the news, the incentive mechanism is structured like that of 2020, while the allocation of resources changes.

To raise the threshold of the no tax area up to 22,000 euros, 70 million have been allocated, 20 million more than last year.

However, the discounts, ranging from 10 to 80%, always parameterized on the ISEE:

80% between 22 and 24,000 euros
50% between 24 and 26,000 euros
25% between 26 and 28,000 euros
10% between 28 and 30,000 euros

The ministerial decree also allocates part of the resources (35 million euros) for extra discounts that each university can decide for the same income brackets or for the categories of students hit hardest by the crisis. To find out how to divide these resources, however, universities will have to wait for the provisional data published by 15 November, and then the definitive ones by 15 April 2022.

University tuition fee exemption 2021/2022: how much can be saved with the new rules

Ma how much you save with the exemption threshold raised to € 22,000? To give some estimates it is University coordination link. Compared to the taxes paid last year, the tax relief starts at 21,000 euros of ISEE with about 112 euros each. Then follow:

  • 231 euros up to 24,000 euros of ISEE;
  • 49 euros up to 27,000 euros of ISEE;
  • 52.50 euros up to 28,000 euros of ISEE.

On the other hand, upon reaching 30,000 euros of ISEE, the tax benefit is zeroed, because the discount remains fixed at 10% like last year. Lorenzo insists on this point Morandi, national coordinator of University Coordination Link, who declared to Sole 24 Ore:

“Like Link, we believe that raising the no tax area to 22,000 still affects the lives of students very little: most universities in fact already have higher thresholds, some even to 25, 26, 30 thousand of Isee. The maximum contributions between 22 and 30 thousand of Isee are lowered by 100/200 euros, but reductions were already foreseen in this range, so the measure is still not very effective. “

The appeal therefore is that of raise the no tax area to 30,000 euros of ISEE, possibly by this fall. Also, he wonders “A step forward on the subject of university tuition through the next stability law: the prospect must be the complete free education”.

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