Do you know you can use this instead of flour? Brilliant idea, to try

Do you know you can use this instead of flour? Brilliant idea, to try
Do you know you can use this instead of flour? Brilliant idea, to try

Flour is everywhere in our diet: bread, pasta, sweets. What if we want alternatives? There is a valid solution: it is healthy and delicious.

Flour is everywhere in our dishes: from starters to desserts, here’s a way to limit it (Photo by Bruno Germany from Pixabay)


The farina it is everywhere, from the first to the dessert, if we want to limit it there is only one way: replace it with i legumes. Today there are many legume-based products, they can be found in various supermarkets and grocery stores

But why replace flour with legumes?
Legumes have a strong contribution protein compared to cereals and have many fibre, useful for lowering cholesterol, the most used in our kitchen are beans, peas, broad beans, lentils, chickpeas, lupins, cicerchie.

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How to eat them

  • Fresh legumes: if we consume them in this way they will still have water inside them as well as the typical nutritional values ​​of vegetables and greens.
  • Dried vegetables: they are the result of a dehydration process of fresh legumes.
    They are more caloric than the former, but the proteins are more concentrated. They are recommended for this aspect, even if they need soaking and cooking times.
  • Canned legumes: the flaw of these products are the preservatives and salt, which is why it is always better to rinse them first.

The products to use instead of the classic flour

  • The legume flours have a strong protein level and satiate quickly, they have carbohydrates but less than the classic flour. When choosing a legume flour it is always recommended to read the values ​​to understand the quantity of legumes used.
  • Sweets and biscuits: the Mulino Bianco has put on the market the Cecille and the Lentille, biscuits made with legume flour. The former are made with chickpea flour while the latter with red lentils.
    Then we also have the Line Great Cereals with Legumes and chocolate biscuits made from corn flour, chickpeas and lentils, then we have Buonipertutti shortbread biscuits Galbusera made with legume flour composed of chickpeas and wholemeal soy.

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  • Pasta: legume-based pasta is also excellent for those who are intolerant to gluten, let’s see what we can find at the supermarket: Coop in its BeneSì line, it owns the homemade chickpea flour and penne made with yellow lentils, while the Semplici and Buoni line of Pam-Panorama offers red lentil sedanini and pea fusilli.
    The Barilla instead it has put on the market the homemade chickpeas and the penne of red lentils, while the Rummo has a gluten-free line, consisting of products with corn and brown rice flour, and with legumes.



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