who it belongs to and how to get it

who it belongs to and how to get it
who it belongs to and how to get it

The pc and tablet bonus in Sardinia.

Incentive the purchase of technological supports, given the pandemic situation that forced the leat a distance and at work in smartworking mode numerous Italians. This is the meaning of bonus pc e tablet, already in force since November 2020, for which the government had allocated 204 million euros with over 137 mila voucher. Of these, however, only the 40,5% was used so, anyone interested, has time until 1st October to apply.

Let’s see together the useful steps for understand how it works, how to claim the bonus and who can submit the request.

It bonus.

The bonus includes the possibility of obtaining a discount on the total expense, which is given via voucher. With the facilitation you can ask for an ultra-fast internet connection, a pc or a tablet.

The request must be made tointernet service provider or ai chosen operators and covers up to a maximum of 500 euro. And they are subdivided, as established by the Ministry of Economic Development, in 200 euro for the stipulation of the contract or enhancement of the web connection, while the rest 300 euro they will be used for the purchase of a tablet or a PC. Operators will need to be registered on a platform specially dedicated and the bonus will be usable for one year, or in any case while stocks last.

In case you want to switch to ultra-wide band, the request can be made either to your own operator or to a different one, if the area is reached by several operators who guarantee a fast connection. There speed of connection, however, it must be equal to or greater than that of the contract already established. Another important factor is that there is a guarantee that the contracts will expire at the end of the offer, at no additional cost.

Who can apply.

The measure adopted by the executive may be requested by families with a Isee income not more than 20 thousand euros. Also, you have to make sure that the internet connection is guaranteed by a contract of at least 12 months and the speed must be 30Mbit / s for downloads and 15Mbit / s for uploads.

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