Lombardy, the ballet of data on the waivers of Astrazeneca. Moratti: “I’m at 5%”. For the CEO you nominated, they reach “15%”

Lombardy, the ballet of data on the waivers of Astrazeneca. Moratti: “I’m at 5%”. For the CEO you nominated, they reach “15%”
Lombardy, the ballet of data on the waivers of Astrazeneca. Moratti: “I’m at 5%”. For the CEO you nominated, they reach “15%”

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section class=”article-content”>In Lombardy the percentage of people who refuse the vaccine AstraZeneca arrived at 15 percent and the trend is “growing”. Indeed no, he only canceled the 5% and “there is no alarm”. Two diametrically opposed photographs of the situation that come from the same department, namely that of Welfare. The general director Giovanni Pavesi, appointed by the councilor and vice president of the Region Letizia Moratti last February, the Health Committee stated that “up to now, 15% of the population who have gone to our vaccination centers he refused”The serum of the Anglo-Swedish house,“ but we have the feeling that it is a growing percentage“, Underlined Pavesi, who then reiterated what the consequences are: whoever decides to refuse, ends up at the bottom of the list. On the same day, however, Moratti released a note in which he provides completely different numbers, resizing the alert launched by his own CEO. “To date it is less than 5% of citizens who would be vaccinated with this vaccine to actually refuse administration. A confirmation of the confidence placed in science and doctors by our fellow citizens who are adhering in an exemplary way to the vaccination phase aimed at fighting and win the pandemic“.

The councilor therefore denies that there is an alarm of renunciations, but confirms that “in the course of anamnesis, our doctors are receiving one growing demand for insights on AstraZeneca by citizens who, however, thanks above all to the competence, clarity and reassurance of the medical staff, accept in the almost totality to be vaccinated “. These are very different tones from those used by the dg Pavesi in the Commission: in his opinion the refusal of the AstraZeneca vaccine is “a difficult issue, a phenomenon that in recent days is becoming more important than what we can think of ”. After all, he adds, “I have received reports from important vaccination centers, in which quite a lot of people he is rejecting them “. Pavesi nevertheless stressed that “we must reiterate to the people that we are there millions of Europeans who were vaccinated with AstraZeneca and this did not cause any kind of rebound. It’s a vaccine sure e usable“. In any case, Pavesi assured again, “if there are critical evaluations in the medical history, we can make him the Pfizer vaccine“. In all other cases, “if there are no such reasons, we put them back in the queue“.


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As for the school staff, the general manager of Moratti clarified that “on the front of the teachers, if not totally safe, we have one coverage very strong. Overall, come on 258 thousand teachers or staff of the education sector of Lombardy, we have vaccinated 216mila, about 84%. In the missing 16%, there is also a minority part who could not be vaccinated with AstraZeneca due to a series of pathologies“, He added again during his hearing in the Health Commission of the Regional Council. “These people will later be recalled and hijacked on Pfizer“.

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