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Check the spa bonus: here’s how it works

Check the spa bonus: here’s how it works
Check the spa bonus: here’s how it works

Among the many sectors affected by the pandemic crisis there is also that of Spa and of term, once very popular destinations for millions of Italians to find a few hours of relaxation and serenity.

What is the spa bonus

The government has seen fit to incentivize the sector by providing a bonus from 200 euro, the so-called “spa bonus”, which provides coverage of up to 100% of the spa service purchased until this amount is reached (the rest will be paid by the citizen). The decree was published last August 5 in the Official Gazette: the voucher will be issued through the Invitalia operating platform, which will be active by October. Attention: even in this case, only the fastest will be able to take advantage of the discount. The resources allocated are around 53 million euros, therefore about 250 thousand vouchers and therefore, to get the bonus, you will need to be part of the ranking within that figure.

How to book

Federterme has prepared an online form from fill in to be updated in real time on the exact day on which the platform will be operational: you will need name, surname, email, telephone, authorization to send information material (optional) and authorization to process personal data (necessary to obtain it ). After that, you will receive an email or text message with the information you need to open reservations. As reported by the Courier service, an official date is not yet there but we are talking about mid-October. For now, Invitalia is accrediting the spa facilities and will only provide precise information on places and booking methods at the end.

How long is the validity

The Spa Bonus will therefore be available starting from the publication of the notice of opening reservations on the websites of the Ministry and Invitalia. For now, what is known is that the reservation will have a validity period of 60 days from its issue and the services booked must be used within this period. It will then be “l‘spa institution where the citizen has used the spa services “, as stated on the Mise website, which” will request to Invitalia, through a specific IT platform, the reimbursement of the value of the voucher used by the citizen“.

Who can request it

The Spa Bonus is aimed at all citizens of age and there are no limits. As Mise recalls, anyone can request it “resident in Italy, without ISEE limits and without limits related to the family unit“Obviously, each citizen can claim only one bonus, which in turn non And “transferable to third parties, neither free of charge nor in exchange for a cash consideration“.

The criticisms of Codacons

As we dealt with a short while ago, not everyone liked this new facility. “A bonus without criteria and without logic, which certainly will not help neither the citizens nor the sector of spas damaged by Covid“said the Codacons, bluntly rejecting the incentive. “While on the one hand it might have made sense to grant an incentive to support the expenses related to spa services, on the other it is not clear why the bonus should be due to everyone regardless of income and without any limit related to the ISEE.“, explained the consumers’ association which underlined how, in this way, even those who have no economic difficulties will be able to take advantage of the subsidy”to enjoy days of vacation at the spa or moments of relaxation, to the detriment of the community that finances the bonus“. And then, the criticism comes for the sum, insufficient for a large audience. “Furthermore, the 53 million euros allocated for a maximum expenditure of 200 euros appear completely insufficient, because in this way only 265 thousand lucky ones will be able to benefit from the incentive, regardless of their income.“, concluded the Codacons.

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