The new Bcc has been operational since Monday: Borghetto and Centropadana merge

The new Bcc has been operational since Monday: Borghetto and Centropadana merge
The new Bcc has been operational since Monday: Borghetto and Centropadana merge

The headquarters of the Bcc Centropadana in Lodi in corso Roma

The new Bcc has been operational since Monday: Borghetto and Centropadana merge

After at least ten years, the project of a single subject of the credicoop takes shape

It is born on Monday the new Bcc Centropadana with the integration of Bcc Borghetto Lodigiano, whose activity has formally ceased with a notarial deed drawn up last Monday. Over the weekend the migration of reports, for customers only the Iban changes. All Borghetto customers and companies have been informed of the transition and the necessary obligations, those of Centropadana do not undergo any change. Technically, it is a merger by incorporation. For the reports of Bcc Borghetto only the Iban changes, already communicated to everyone. Utilities, pensions and other domiciliations will be changed automatically with the new Iban, indeed the change of bank details has already been carried out. It remains a requirement of the customers to communicate the new Iban to receive payments or credits to a current account. The checkbooks in the possession of customers remain valid until exhaustion, when they will be replaced by the new ones with the updated bank details. Technically, the migration of relations will take place this weekend, but no inconvenience is expected as in other cases of bank acquisitions. Both institutes, under the umbrella of the Iccrea Group to which they both belong, already shared the same IT system. All the Centropadana and Borghetto branches have been trained on the operations to be carried out and on Monday they will be able to assist customers for any eventuality.

The new Bcc Centropadana was born after a long journey. For at least 10 years the possibility of a single cooperative credit bank in the area has been discussed, and after the Popolare di Lodi left the scene as a local bank (first in the Venetian alliance, then under the great brand of the Popolare di Milan) the integration process of the mutual banks was seen as increasingly urgent. In the moment of choosing to belong to the Cooperative Banking Groups, in 2019, the common choice of Iccrea Banca for Centropadana and Borghetto, with Laudense instead towards the thirty Cassa Centrale, in fact defined the Lodi risk of the old rural banks, announced the ‘last year and then formalized in the spring.

The Board of Directors of Bcc Centropadana includes four members of the Borghetto Board of Directors, the president Angelo Boni who assumes the role of vice-president, and three directors, Marco Casazza, Paolo Sommariva and Angelo Stroppa. To make room for them are the outgoing directors Marco Elefanti, Angelo Riccardo Ferrari, Paolo Lolla and Alberto Noro. The president of the new Centropadana remains Antonio Baietta, who will hand over the helm to Angelo Boni next spring. The new Board of Directors will meet for the first time next Thursday 16 September. The composition of the management organization chart has yet to be defined in detail. The management remains under Luca Barni, who replaced Oliviero Sabato in the spring. The sole deputy director will be Ferdinando Marazzina, former director of Bcc Borghetto. The team of management is now quite crowded, but the bank has already started individual negotiations to encourage the exodus of some executives whose place in the organization chart has been taken by colleagues arriving from Borghetto or is no longer considered strategic.


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