Alfa Romeo, the fastest S2 Spider ever for sale: the price

Alfa Romeo, the fastest S2 Spider ever for sale: the price
Alfa Romeo, the fastest S2 Spider ever for sale: the price

A new iconic model from the Casa del Biscione is ready to ignite the auctions, with a lucky few who will have the opportunity to grab it. Let’s talk about the iconic Alfa Romeo Spider S2, the fastest ever, made famous all over the world for her appearance in Mike Nichols’ film “The Graduate”, a 1967 film starring Dustin Hoffman.

Elegant and refined, the coveted Spider Duetto offered for sale is a second series model from 1977 to which several mechanical updates have been made to increase its stiffness for use on the track through a roll-bar. The most obvious difference on the model is the Kamm truncated tail, which gives greater aerodynamics to the vehicle. Changes also to the engine, with the original replaced by a four-cylinder Twinspark from 218 CV which was paired with a six-speed sequential transmission and a limited slip differential.

The model, for sale on the auction site Collecting cars with a market value of around 147,000 euros (125,000 pounds at the exchange rate, excluding taxes), has a stiffened set-up thanks to a complete package of Alfaholics GT-R adjustable suspensions and braking system that can count on six-piston front calipers. The Alfaholics guys, famous for their restomods, with the modifications made to the Spider have therefore made it a valid alternative to the Giulia GTA-290.

Alfa Romeo, which recently opened on the return of MiTo, then sees further structural changes to the four-wheeler considered one of the fastest ever. For example, according to reports from Alfaholics, the vehicle was implemented with an aluminum radiator with an electric fan managed by the control unit, a fuel tank filled with aluminum foam, a fire extinguishing system, engine hood and luggage compartment in fiberglass and system monitoring. Also the interiors have been finished and made even more elegant, with customized leather and alcantara details.

Alfa Romeo’s iconic Spider has a market value of around £ 125,000

Perfect fusion of old and new, even in the dashboard there is a hint of modern, with the replacement of the double dashboard with a digital screen that could make fans turn up their noses. On the odometer they are approx 8,000 kilometers traveled from this jewel, ready for a new one after the auction and the restyling lived in full Alfa style.

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