15 doctors and nurses under investigation in Oristano

15 doctors and nurses under investigation in Oristano
15 doctors and nurses under investigation in Oristano

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They injected the vaccine Pfizer to their relatives and now they are investigated. The Carabinieri dei Nas are notifying 15 people for the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office from the early hours of this morning. Oristano on the ‘crafty vaccines: 15 people involved, including doctors and nurses, investigated for abuse of office and embezzlement, for having administered the Pfizer vaccine to their families, abusing their position.

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The investigations

The Prosecutor’s Office of Oristano opened an investigation after the disclosure of the Nas on the irregularities in the administration of vaccines to some categories of professionals to the detriment of the elderly and frail people, irregularities that emerged at the end of March after viewing the documents of the Assl relating to the lists and vaccination certificates. The investigations focused on the territorial vaccination point of Oristano, where the 15 suspects operated. The irregularities were discovered by the specialists of the weapon by consulting the lists and vaccination certificates. And there could be others. The prosecutor is also verifying other subjects who would have obtained the vaccine without being entitled to it.

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