the reason for the delay is another?

the reason for the delay is another?
the reason for the delay is another?
THE LAUNCH DATES – L’Alfa Romeo Tonale it is almost a reality, but in the final phase of its development comes a revision of the project. As reported on the Facebook page Alfa Romeo Project, normally well informed (presumably by someone within the company), the delay we mentioned who it is due to cost containment wanted by the top management of the Stellantis group. The deep throat also reveals further details, such as the presentation of the Tonale (above in a photo spy dating from 2019, who to find out more) which should take place in September 2021, with the opening of pre-orders in November and the delivery of the first units under construction “launch edition” in February 2022. At the end of the same month, the deliveries of the standard versions with engine will begin thermal, on 30 March those of the rechargeable hybrid version and on 1 April 2022 those of the light hybrid versions.

MODIFIED PLAN – News also with regard to the advantage of the 965 project, namely theAlfa Romeo Tonaland, from a production point of view: the pilot assembly line at the Pomigliano d’Arco plant would already be completed and the first forklifts should be ready by May. The Tonale will be developed on the modified version of the Small US Wide platform used by the Compass, suitably lightened, widened and stiffened. The front and rear suspension will be McPherson type.

AND ENGINES – As for the engines of theAlfa Romeo Tonale, which will be about 450 cm long, we must expect the 4-cylinder turbo petrol 1.3 T4, in version with and without mild hybrid system, and the same engine combined with the hybrid system with rechargeable batteries (derived from that of the Compass). Furthermore, the 4-cylinder 2.0 Multijet turbodiesel should not be missing, also in this case with and without mild hybrid system. According to rumors there will also be a 2.0 T4 petrol.

THE MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM – The multimedia system ofAlfa Romeo Tonale it would finally be developed with the help of the specialized company Harman (owned by Samsung), with which the FCA had signed a collaboration agreement in 2019.


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