Monaco Auto Show: here are 3 interesting concepts (+ 1) | Video

Monaco Auto Show: here are 3 interesting concepts (+ 1) | Video
Monaco Auto Show: here are 3 interesting concepts (+ 1) | Video

The Monaco Auto Show saw the presentation of many innovations that will soon arrive on our roads, but also of many concepts that allow you to broaden your horizons to try to imagine what the mobility of the future will be like, maybe even in ten or twenty years.

Visions that are almost always electric, and indulge themselves from the design point of view with original and unconventional shapes or recalling classic models that have left their mark among fans. They embrace public and private transport, shared and not only: in addition to those we have already shown you, such as ORA CAT and ID Life (here the video!), Here are three concepts that have particularly impressed us directly from the Salone, plus a bonus !


All about recycling is BMW’s iVision Circular, which he imagines how could a car of 2040 be making use of the research work carried out by the house regarding the materials to be used for future models.

As the name suggests, everything revolves around the circular economy: the whole project was born starting from the idea of ​​using recycled materials as much as possible and certified biomaterials, starting with tires made from sustainably grown natural rubber to recycled plastic seats and mats.

The concept also extends to the powertrain, which should have a 100% recyclable solid state battery, all enclosed in futuristic lines: what do you say, do you like them?


The new Renault R5 had already been seen a few months ago on the occasion of the Renaulution plan, but only in the photo: the debut took place at the Munich Motor Show, where it appeared together with the legendary Renault 5 of which it is the reinterpretation.

A concept with a nostalgia effect that was born some time ago as an endothermic revival and instead here comes with an electric soul. Bright colors, clean lines design, impactful optical groups that wink at a young audience make this project something very interesting; pity not to have been able to see the interiors, where you can see the headrests with led illuminated profiles.

For now, no technical data or price are known, but it seems that we will not have to wait even that long to see it on the road: it could become standard in 2024.


The Vision AVTR by Mercedes returns after the first presentation at CES 2020 and leaves us speechless again, also for the really suggestive setting, which recalls the well-known film Avatar from which it borrowed director James Cameron, which indeed collaborated in the realization of this concept.

The lines and meanings are inspired by the cinematic world of Pandora to create a car that can show a new interaction between man, machine and nature. The design is that of a very curvilinear coupe style, with special spherical wheels that allow it to move sideways or diagonally.

On the back there are 33 bionic flaps which, in addition to the aerodynamic role, allow the car to communicate with the outside through specific movements. No steering wheel, given that a complete autonomous driving is assumed, and the connection with the car takes place through the hand that will simply have to be placed on an oval controller present on the central tunnel.


The +1 is a futuristic self-driving electric vehicle proposed by Mobis, Hyundai’s spare parts division. Is called M. Vision X, and is a means of transport designed for the city, like a minibus, fully automated and robotic.

Obviously this too, like most of the vehicles presented at the Munich Motor Show, is electric, and uses the four-wheel steering to move in tight spaces. Due to autonomous driving, the driver’s seat is completely missing, e the interior is organized as a sitting room around a central totem which allows you to manage the playback of multimedia content and games.

Even the windows are actually displays that project various images and movies inside en route: it seems like a really relaxing way to get around the city, but the mere presence of level 5 autonomous driving makes you understand how much you really miss to put models like this on the road.


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