Honda HR-V: we saw it live

Honda HR-V: we saw it live
Honda HR-V: we saw it live

BREAKING DESIGN – Unveiled in early 2021, the third generation of the crossover Honda HR-V it has nothing in common with the previous ones. The elaborate appearance, with the succession of strong lines in the body, has given way to a stylistic language marked by minimalism. The front grille with horizontal development, the smooth sides and the headlights connected by a thin strip of LEDs running from one side of the tailgate to the other, characterize the new Honda HR-V. Live the car broadcasts a feeling of modernity, a car of substance that concedes little to the superfluous. Similar dimensions between the new and the old model, with a length of around 430 cm and the height reduced by a couple of centimeters (for a total of 159 cm).

SPACE AND TECHNOLOGY – According to the house, the cockpit of the new one Honda HR-V it is larger, especially for those who sit behind: it has 3.5 cm more for the legs and the lowered tunnel in the floor does not limit the ease for those who sit in the center of the sofa. L’environment is simple, modern and dominated by the two screens for the multimedia system (9 “) and the digital dashboard (7”). In this first static contact with a production model, we noticed a greater attention to the quality of the materials, with soft coatings for the upper part of the door panels and the dashboard. Rich technological equipment offered as standard or as an option. The new Honda HR-V brings the package to its debut Honda Sensing enhanced: includes all the latest driving assistants (such as lane keeping), which also base their operation on the camera in the front of the car. The system promises a greater ability to process the collected data to make the response of the safety devices even more timely and effective. An example? According to Honda, the accuracy in pedestrian detection and the smoothness of operation of the adaptive cruise control have improved.

HOW THE HYBRID SYSTEM WORKS – The Japanese crossover is driven by an evolution of the hybrid system of the Honda Jazz. It consists of a 1.5 petrol and an electric unit for a combined output of 131 horsepower and 253 Nm of torque. The car is a “full hybrid” where the electronic management establishes, based on the driving conditions, how to make the two engines interact. Typically, at low speeds, the four-cylinder acts as a generator for the electric drive that moves the wheels. For greater quickness in the shot during acceleration, even the 1.5 can contribute directly to give traction while at constant speed at motorway speed it is the only thermal engine that drives the car. There Honda HR-V will be on sale from February 2022 only in the hybrid variant with two and four-wheel drive: the latter does not use a second current unit at the rear, but relies on a more traditional transmission shaft that transmits motion to the rear wheels.


Honda HRV live

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