“When does it start?” – Free Daily

“When does it start?” – Free Daily
“When does it start?” – Free Daily

“Other than pre-retirement, she hasn’t started yet.” Concita De Gregorio rages on Giuseppe Conte, maramalding and gigioneggiante but more and more uncertain. The former premier “does the grace” to connect with On air to La7 walking in Bologna for its crowd bath.

David Parenzo teases, “we missed the peripatetic interview”, then immediately asks for an account of a sensational gaffe escaped from Conte a few hours earlier: “It is very tiring to be a party leader”, he explained, even opening up his succession at the helm of the 5 Star Movement. The lawyer was then forced to rectify, and to the microphones of La7 he clarified a bit embarrassed: “Working for the common good is an enormous commitment, but this does not mean that I am tired. On the contrary, with this enthusiasm the energies”.

“Actually, President – De Gregorio interrupts him – you get the feeling that you have yet to start in your new version, we are still waiting for your debut. When will it begin?”. With you stammers then he replies by dusting off the classic Grillini clichés of participatory politics: “I started now, I started these days talking with people. Can you get an overview of the square, there is so much warmth, people want to make a contribution” .

In the studio there is Annalisa Cuzzocrea from Republic, which puts him with his back to the wall: what is the future of the alliance with the Pd? “Our goal is to forge political projects with the Democratic Party, but in some cases we must take into account the local conditions that cannot be overcome in a short time”. He wants to ask him a question Ferruccio De Bortoli and Conte tries to escape: “Very fast that here …”. “You can’t say no to De Bortoli,” Parenzo and De Gregorio reproach him.

The former director of the Corriere della Sera rages: “The effort as a leader of the M5s is perhaps greater than that as a premier, but perhaps it opens up a different perspective in relation to relations with the voters”. Conte gets a little angry: “Absolutely not, I spent a lot as prime minister. The first year I did 40 missions abroad, then Covid arrived. Am I tired? The warmth of the people is a multiplier of energy”. Best wishes.

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