Us Open, Berrettini in the quarter-finals: now there is Djokovic

Us Open, Berrettini in the quarter-finals: now there is Djokovic
Us Open, Berrettini in the quarter-finals: now there is Djokovic

Matteo fought for four sets but in the final the German injured his hand and gave himself up to the Roman. Next engagement with Djokovic

Matteo Berrettini wins the quarter-finals of the US Open for the second time after 2019, beating the German Oscar Otte in four sets with a score of 6-4 3-6 6-3 6-2 and now in the quarterfinals he challenges Djokovic who overcame Brooksby 1-6 6-3 6-2 6-2. It is the third time that the Italian number 1 meets the number 1 in the world in the Slams this year, the last being the Wimbledon final. Matteo is the only one, besides Nole, to have reached the quarter Slam on three different surfaces this year, a sign of a well-established maturity. Match more difficult than expected for the Roman who perhaps suffers the efforts of the five sets played in the third round.

Otte falls in the final and injures his right hand, struggling not a little to close the match. “I like to fight, because I need matches, and to see where I am. I felt the tension, and I like it. In three out of five matches I have learned that you can also make mistakes, that not all points are right. they can play the same way and you have to be patient. ”

The match

In the first set Berrettini immediately wins a break point which Otte cancels. But the opportunity for Matteo also arrives in the seventh game and this time he makes no mistake, he moves forward 4-3 and ends the set 6-4 in just 35 minutes. But in the second set, the Italian number 1 returns to the pitch in a low tone, the serve is no longer effective, the mistakes launch the German who does everything well, especially on the serve and earns a precious break at the opening of the second set to shoot on the 2-0. Berretto does not react as he tries to grab the German but struggles to materialize and continues to make a mistake on the backhand. The counterbreak does not arrive and Otte, who had already eliminated Sonego at the debut and Seppi in the 3rd round, closes the 2nd set 6-3.

All to be redone

All to be redone for the Roman who starts badly even in the third set: he is below 0-30. Comes 30-30 but Otte has a break point. A nice straight passerby brings the situation back to par. A beautiful scream from Berretto who finally decides that before losing to the number 144 in the world in an eighth Grand Slam it is better to fight. He finally pulls out the service that allowed him to climb the rankings and gets back on track. He snatches the joke from the German, who plays knowing he has nothing to lose and therefore with courage, confirms the advantage and in the end closes, not without trembling, in the ninth game for 6-3.

The injury

In the fourth set Otte still starts well but at 2-2 he falls back on a smash and injures his hand. After the medical time out, the German returns to the field, closes the game but struggles more and more to play. Matteo breaks in the 5th game, then the Roman closes the match 6-2 applauding the sportiness of his rival.

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