Bosch and Mercedes-Benz: get out, the car parks itself | Video

Bosch and Mercedes-Benz: get out, the car parks itself | Video
Bosch and Mercedes-Benz: get out, the car parks itself | Video

Have you ever wanted someone to take care of parking the car for you? Well, obviously it must be a desire shared by more than one person, since Bosch has developed, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, an autonomous parking system that does everything for the driver.

Is called Automated valet parking and it is not exactly an absolute novelty: the German company has been working on it for a few years, and has decided to show the state of the art of technology at the Munich International Auto Show, where we could participate in a demonstration live.

The process is very simple: you arrive in the parking lot, leave the car in a delivery area (in this case marked with a blue square) and then just open the dedicated app on your smartphone to ask for the vehicle to park itself, and then look at it go slowly on his way.

The system uses the sensors of the car and those of the parking lot or garage to move within precise tracks and avoid obstacles, and it is the technology present on board the car that converts the commands into safe driving maneuvers; for example, if there is an obstacle on the route, whether it is a person or an object, the car stops. The demonstration we witnessed also saw the possibility of automatically recharging the electric vehicle thanks to a robotic arm.

The future development of technology provides that vehicles from different manufacturers can interface with infrastructure technology from different suppliers, which is why the project partners are also working on an international standard. Here is the video!


Bosch MercedesBenz car parks Video

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