Why the “no green passes” want to boycott Conad supermarkets and what the CEO of the company really said

Why the “no green passes” want to boycott Conad supermarkets and what the CEO of the company really said
Why the “no green passes” want to boycott Conad supermarkets and what the CEO of the company really said

Will there be a mandatory green pass also for supermarket employees? While waiting for the government to dissolve the doubt, to discuss are the words of Francesco Pugliese, CEO of Conad, who from the studies of ‘Quarta Repubblica’, on Rete 4, took sides (here the video of the episode) without if and without, but in favor of the compulsory nature of the green card for workers in the large-scale distribution and other sectors.

Not only. Pugliese also hinted that Conad could take action against those employees who have not received the vaccine. “My freedom ends where hers begins”, he said addressing the conductor Nicola Porro, “and therefore I do not understand why I am vaccinated and I also had to swab to come here to her I then have to run the risk of going in a restaurant or supermarket and find myself with a worker who may be unvaccinated. ” Hence the words harshly contested by the ‘no green pass’. “Everyone must be free to do what they want”, but for employees who don’t want to get vaccinated, “I think the right way is to go on unpaid leave, so we can replace them.”

Words that have sparked a crawl space on Twitter where the Conad hashtag ended up among the trend topics. And as always, the parishes have divided: there are those who have called for a boycott of the supermarket chain and those who have found Pugliese’s reasoning sensible and acceptable. “Boycotting Conad is a peaceful and democratic means of responding to a despotic and discriminatory act” reads one of the many comments posted after the words of the CEO of the well-known supermarket chain. Of course, this is a small minority of Italians who, however, thanks to their activism, on social media are able to obtain a visibility that they often do not have in the real world.

Many other users who defend the principle underlying the green pass are diametrically opposed. “I will go shopping at Conad more often knowing that it is a safe place”. And again: “Personally, I will always shop at Conad and I invite all pro vaxes to do the same”.

How the green pass will change and for whom it could become mandatory

The compulsory green pass for workers is a very hot topic. According to the hypotheses circulated in recent days, the green certification could also be extended to public administration employees, as well as in sectors where the green pass must already be shown by users. The green card obligation could therefore also be extended to workers in cinemas, theaters, canteens, gyms, cinemas, supermarkets and public transport workers. For now, of course, it is only a matter of hypothesis. The decree should see the light in a few days.

Asked on the subject, the Minister for Public Administration Renato Brunetta was tranchant. According to him, the green pass should be extended “to the whole world of public and private work in such a way that there is a sort of vaccination passport that must secure the whole world of work and social relations”. Matteo Salvini has repeatedly reiterated that the League does not want to hear about obligations. Now the government will have to find a square.

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