the government aims to lower prices

the government aims to lower prices
the government aims to lower prices

Electricity and gas bills on the rise. The Government plans to intervene while the associations meanwhile make proposals.

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Light and gas to the stars. In the past months we have had the feeling as well as the confirmation that the prices would increase in the future, obviously all seasoned by the protests and the obvious difficulties of the citizens. Italians. The government supported by Mario Draghi which last July had made a saving of 14.9 billion of euros with the cut in 2020 of a cost item charged to taxpayers, directly in the electricity and gas bills.

Citizens and associations of category at this point they ask for a serious commitment from the Government, a commitment that leads to lower prices and a much easier management. The associations they also express themselves in proposals directly to the executive, but for the moment it is still clear how the problem will be managed. Executive that in any case will have to consider a solution to the case to make the condition of its citizens at a time that is already very difficult in itself.

The associations are asking for government intervention to reduce the amounts

“Also for Italy – reads a note released by the Regulatory Authority Arera chaired by Stefano Besseghini – the sharp increase in the prices of raw materials that have been growing continuously since the beginning of the year due to the recovery of the economies after the declines due to the pandemic, as well as the marked increase in the prices of CO2 emission permits, would have led to an increase of about 20 % of the bill electricity, if the government had not intervened with an emergency measure to reduce the need to collect charges general in the bill for the next quarter “

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The solution it must arrive, according to a note from Federconsumatori, through the cutting of those ancillary costs which are now considered a real burden. Let’s talk about the factors that determine the price finale than a bill but probably not even more relevant to the times we live in. In short, the government seems ready to reach out to its citizens. In the coming weeks we will see which proposals will be considered.


government aims prices

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